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Durham, NC – BIOMILQ – Engineering Student Associate

BIOMILQ is developing technology to make breastmilk outside the body, produced from mammary cells. We’re making the future of feeding fearless, and 100% human by offering families a new option for supplemental feeding — one that’s as close to breastmilk as possible and cultivated under safe conditions using our first-of-its-kind technology.

Our provisional patent-pending process leverages the unique biological properties of milk-producing mammary epithelial cells combined with bioreactor technology developed to collect secreted cellular products. The high-density, 3-dimensional system provides similar structural features as the mammary gland, creating the appropriate environment for the cells to reproduce their biological function of milk production, outside of the body. Our process enables us to produce milk that requires no downstream separation, concentration, or intensive thermal processing so we can retain all 2500+ molecules of milk in the perfect constellation for bioavailability and digestibility in infants.

This role requires some in-person work.

Application deadline: April 25, 2021.

This position might be for you if:

You are a technical leader
You have conducted experimental research or project design involving at least one or more of the following: cell culture, biological and biochemical assays, small-scale engineering design, statistical analysis, coding for life sciences, literature review
You are comfortable performing critical analyses and interpreting data for actionable decision-making that impacts the greater company
As a life-long learner, you keep a pulse on current relevant scientific literature and innovation within your field
You like to move fast, but are able to maintain meticulous record-keeping
You are a cross-functional powerhouse

You enjoy working closely with teammates to complete deliverables of a caliber to be used in funding applications, investor updates, and publications
You thrive when your input for scientific strategic skills is leveraged, is actively engaging in regular scientific, and broader all-hands team meetings
You have an innate ability to articulate complex topics to a scientific audience as easily as your own family
You love tackling challenging problems with a team

You believe in our mission of working towards better infant nutrition, women’s health, and sustainability
As a conscientious teammate you’re curious to learn from co-workers and share your personal passions
You enjoy working collaboratively with a broad and diverse team and stepping outside of your comfort zone
You’re naturally inclined to think critically and creatively to work through murky problems with limited resources
Ambiguity is your jam and you’re able to strive ahead without direction
You hold yourself and others to the utmost ethical standards in all scientific and professional endeavors
Qualifications & Preferred Experience

Rising undergraduate senior or rising graduate student in biological, biomedical, or chemical engineering, computer science, or another applicable STEM field
Preferred experience with independent hypothesis generation, experimental design, implementation, and analysis
Background knowledge
Experience creating dashboards or other data trending tools for life sciences
Familiarity with statistical analysis methods and software
Coursework or hands-on experience with cell culture or another related bioengineering field
Coursework or hands-on experience with cell-based manufacturing, understanding of cell culture scale-up and/or bioprocess, and bioreactor design considerations
Experience with molecular biology methodologies, including PCR, Sanger sequencing and NGS, gene expression analysis, library screening, vector design, and genetic transduction
Experience with in-line sensing or small equipment controls design for bioprocess technology
Benefits and Compensation

Preference given to local students (no relocation assistance provided)
Must be comfortable with some in-person contact
Expected to work 40 hours per week with one week vacation (July 3-11)

Paid summer stipend commensurate to experience
Guaranteed mentorship with C-suite leaders committed to developing your professional skills
Assurance that your contributions support and advance BIOMILQ’s strategic imperatives
Starting with a cohort of student associates with frequent group meetings and experiential learning

For application information, contact

Become a Professional or Undergraduate Mentor for Audacity Labs

Applications for Audacity Labs undergraduate and professional mentors are out now!
Audacity Labs has launched our application portal for undergraduate coaches and professional mentors to join us in our Spring 2021 cohort. At Audacity Labs, we are committed to providing mentorship, support, and resources to aspiring youth entrepreneurs with a drive for social impact. Mentors and coaches work virtually with our high school cohort once per week, providing guidance in their entrepreneurial journey. You will act as a leader in your area of expertise while working with students in further developing their passions. Apply now to be a part of this growing and rewarding ecosystem! Role descriptions can be found here:
Link for undergraduate coach application:
Link for professional mentor application:

Remote – Black Fire Ventures – Multiple Roles

Black Fire Innovation™ brings UNLV, one of the nation’s top research institutions, and Caesars Entertainment, the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment provider, together in a collaborative, environment to spark innovations that drive our industry and community forward.

This summer, Black Fire Innovation is offering the following internships:

Skills needed: Python, UX, blockchain, game design

  • Build a lottery based blockchain game with an interface design to be a digital, online pinball or pachinko machine. Game will be presented to commercial gaming companies and online gaming businesses for a social and real money wagering game license.

Skills needed: tech Innovation, AR, VR, Stats, Business planning, Writing and communication skills, tech background in networking is helpful, renewable energy tech and environmental science. nonetheless, these are not prerequisites.

  • EaglePoint Master Plan. Eagle Point is a Southern Utah based, operational, mountain resort covering more than 4600 protected acres of wildlife and nature. Considered one of the most beautiful locations in the United States it has maintained a pristine environmental habitat. Moreover, EaglePoint if the most central location to the largest number and size of national parks in the U.S. Eagle Point wants to establish eco-friendly, tech infused mindful and balanced living resort experience predicated on forward thinking and progressive notions of nature, harmony, meant health and wellness. A year-round resort that has the opportunity to redefine the Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer getaway by emptying the most advanced technologies to support deepest human values. For example, Augmented reality nature hikes, snowboard based competitions and automated delivery of services via drones are some of the concepts presently underway. Other examples include University nature sanctuaries on the private lands and mindfulness programming including mountain Yoga and meditation. The master plan will explore the complete phased approach to achieve a 21st century, tech infused showcase balancing nature humans and recreational activities.The final plan and presentation to the developers will include the student team and submitted for review by other destination developers after IP protection has been processed.

Skills needed: Data analytics, conservationism, political science, writing, IoT, Drones, engineering design, any skills are applicable and any educational background will be seriously considered.

  • Save the Elephants of Botswana. Black Fire Venture is working with Elephants without Borders in Botswana to design a program to better protect a herd of 15,000 that are endangered. We are seeking a plan that uses advanced technology and Data Science to develop a methodology that overcomes the traditional constraints for protecting endeared species. The plan is to be presented to the foundation and submitted for publication in journals. Key to this project is a sustainable funding model which has not been attempted but aligned to new values of trust brokering and social venture capital.

Skills needed: Business, Software design, UX, customer journey, financial modeling presentation skills, writing skills, data science and analytics.

  • The future business model, supporting technology platform and financial model for casino gaming companies as we result of the challenges presented by technology disruption rapidly changing consumer behavior , competition and COVID-19. The business model will be presented to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, CEOs of various established casino gaming companies, casino gaming manufacturers, Fortune 100 technology companies, and eSports video game publishers. The findings will be submitted for publication in a summary article with HBR and various journals.


Remote – memoryCrafters – Software Development Intern

At memoryCrafters, we are building a platform to help people create new memories and engage in their old memories. To help people create new memories easily and quickly, we are building a one stop shop platform for end-to- end planning of milestone celebrations (birthdays, baby showers, graduations, etc.). We streamline the process of planning and managing events for users so that they can focus on what matters most: creating lifelong memories.

memoryCrafters partners with local businesses (birthday party venues, freelancers, hobbyists & vendors) to help them directly market and sell their services to the consumer. We use latest technologies to help our external business partners maximize capacity utilization during non-peak hours.
memoryCrafters also partners with global companies to help them celebrate work anniversaries and achievements of their employees locally.

Software Engineer Job Responsibilities:

  •  Lead the development of the memoryCrafters product suite, including a mobile app
    • Work with the product manager to understand the requirements of the product and determine the operational feasibility
    • Propose easy-to-use software solutions that address the information needs of the customer and partner
    • Develop easy-to-use software solutions using industry-wide best practices while documenting the code for maximum readability and future development
  •  Help design and implement a future-proof memoryCrafters website
    • Work with the memoryCrafters team to understand the vision for the website
    • Work with graphic designers to help implement a customer-friendly User Interface
    • Use technical skillset to design a back-end for the website that can be scaled as needed
  •  Lead the continuous improvement of the product suite by investigating and proposing solutions to problem areas and service issues

An Ideal Candidate Should Be:

  • Interested in working in an ambiguous environment at an early stage startup
    Highly self-motivated, hard-working, able to learn quickly and implement the best approach
  • Able to both work independently on tasks and bring individual contributions to a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment
  • Meticulously attentive to detail but also able to grasp the big picture
  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple activities and priorities
  • Able to augment their analytical skills with a dash of creative problem-solving
  • Entrepreneurial and passionate about learning the ins-and-outs of our day to day operation
  • Superior communication and analytical skills, including strong ability to identify and solve ambiguous problems.

If you are interested in learning about the entrepreneurial space, working with a new group of diverse people, developing customer focused products, and contributing to the overall success of the team, please email your resume and cover letter (optional) to noting your interest in the position and any relevant experience you may have.

Raleigh – Diveplane – Full Stack Developer

Work with our talented team, on cutting edge technology enabling ground breaking machine learning products.

We want someone with enthusiasm, a sense of humor who can thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. I note that we can be flexible about requirements/qualifications – and nobody should be put off by i.e. minimum years experience, etc.


  • Develop web/cloud services to help enable our core technology.
  • Participate in the overall system design with team members.


  • Minimum of 3 Years of experience in web development.
  • Strong python skills – focused on web technologies (Flask, Django, etc)
  • Experience with front-end web development, Javascript, applicable frameworks (Vue is ideal)
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases –
  • Familiar with version control such as git
  • BS in computer science or equivalent work experience

Desired Attributes

  • Enthusiastic to learn new skills as the need arises.
  • Intellectually curious
  • Knowledge of algorithms and computer science fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of data science or visualization
  • Some knowledge of web authentication protocols (Oauth2, OpenID connect, SAML)
  • Experience and understanding of cloud native applications & the principles of 12 factor apps.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks, microservices and REST
  • Familiar with working with container technologies like, Docker and Kubernetes

Apply here and please email for more info about the role.

Durham, NC – Paid Research Opportunity – Open Design +

Open De​​​​​​​sign+ is a summer research experience offered during Summer Term II. Working in teams, students will go through the design thinking process, in which they will use qualitative research methods to solve a real-world problem for an assigned client.

This summer marks the first year of this new program. While the program has been modeled after other successful programs at Duke, this is a pilot and the hope is that participating students will help improve the program, viewing this as its own design challenge.

Open Design+ is offered through the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and is part of Bass Connections.

What Is Open Design?

Inspired by open source software and development communities, open design is a variation of design thinking that emphasizes the ethical implications of how and what we design.

Through this program, students will learn skills such as:

  • Empathizing with stakeholders and defining problem areas
  • Brainstorming ideas and creating prototypes
  • Testing solutions and iterating
  • Communicating across audiences and media
  • Thinking divergently and convergently
  • Collaborating and problem-solving in uncertain situations.

How Will the Program Work?

We will select two teams of students to be paired with clients this summer. We will likely have one Duke-based client and one Durham-based client. Each team will include 3-4 undergraduate students and a graduate student. Teams will work collaboratively for 40-hours a week during Summer Term II (June 29-August 7). Members of Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship instructional team will introduce students to the design process through a bootcamp and ongoing learning sessions.

Compensation and Application Information

Undergraduate students will receive a $3,000 stipend for this full-time research experience, out of which they must arrange their own housing. Participants may not accept employment or take classes during the program. Students must be active students at the time of participation.

The priority deadline for all student applications is February 14, 2020. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.


For questions, please contact Aria Chernik ( or Kevin Hoch (

Remote – 2020 Worker and Student Financial Health Challenge – Competition

About the competition

Workers and students of the future face challenging trends that may jeopardize their financial health. Rapid technology changes are requiring workers to train and reskill for career advancement, yet costs of education and training programs are rising steadily. The gig economy is growing rapidly, but offers inconsistent income and is an insufficient replacement for traditional jobs.

There is a need for fintech products, services, and partnerships that help people prepare for the economies of the future by addressing the barriers to affordable training, education, and opportunity.

On October 24, the Financial Solutions Lab launched its sixth challenge, to advance the financial health of workers and students who are developing in-demand skills that prepare them for the future of work. The challenge will cultivate, support and scale fintech solutions that benefit people who face persistent financial health challenges.

Who should appy? 

This Challenge aims to identify and develop fintech solutions and partnerships that are advancing the financial health of workers and students who are developing in-demand skills to prepare them for the future of work.

We are looking for innovative start-ups and nonprofits who are:

  • Providing fintech solutions to the currently employed, either full-time or as a participant in the gig economy.
  • Addressing the challenges of building the workforce of the future, including helping workers access training or seek higher education to either enter, rejoin, or advance their careers.

What do selected companies recieve? 

Fintech organizations will receive:

  • Up to $125,000 in capital.
  • Professional services assistance from industry leaders.
  • Mentorship from the Financial Health Network and JPMorgan Chase employees.

How do I apply? 

Follow this link! Applications are accepted through January 6th, 2020.

Remote – Sullivan Foundation Award School – Grant Matching Program

Sullivan Foundation Award School Matching Grant Programs

$5,000 Matching Grant

1. There are a limited number of these matching grants available and these are only open to Sullivan Award Schools and not Sullivan Schools with Endowments.

2. Sullivan will match an amount of at least $5,000. This fund may be used by your students, faculty or staff for Sullivan Programming including Ignite Retreats, Field Trips, Faculty Summits, Study Abroad and any future programming offered by the Sullivan Foundation.

3. Funds may be used for registration fees for the above indicated events only. The funds may not be used for travel costs or third-party expenses.

4. Because we want to encourage many students and faculty/staff to engage in our study abroad programming, only $1,000 per student may be used from the Fund for Study Abroad registration expenses. Matching funds may be used to pay 100% of registration fees for Sullivan Ignite Retreats, Field Trips, Faculty Summits or Gatherings. Additional programming may be added.

5. Each participating campus will be asked to appoint a campus liaison or point of contact for the Foundation. This liaison will verify the students and faculty/staff that may use the matching grant funds for their school. The liaison will also share information about Sullivan programming opportunities with students and faculty on their campus.

6. For schools that fund their match from sponsors, the Foundation will produce a professional video about the event, in which the sponsored students participate. The video will include interviews with the school’s students. The school may provide this video to the sponsor and the sponsor may use it to share their involvement in helping students and the school.

$500 Matching Grant

1. Sullivan is offering a $500 matching grant to Sullivan Award schools for students, faculty or staff that attend Sullivan programming. The student, faculty or staff match should come from a local sponsor from the business community. The goal of this matching grant initiative is to engage the school’s community in social impact giving. The funds may be applied to any Sullivan programming.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Kevin Seddon by email at or by calling him directly at 662.816.5964. The matching funds provided by the Foundation are limited, so  the Foundation will approve participants on a first-come, first-served basis until the available matching funds are exhausted.

Durham – Duke-UNICEF Accelerator Student Advisory Council

UNICEF and Duke University have come together to create an Innovation Accelerator to identify, assess, develop, and scale sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing children and youth around the world today. Through this partnership, UNICEF and Duke will help social enterprises acquire knowledge, tools and networks to achieve maximum impact for children and youth with their social innovations, focusing on scale and sustainability.  For our first cohort, we will work closely with a select group of social enterprises working in Eastern and Southern Africa in partnership with UNICEF country offices that seek to scale the impact of their innovations around Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH).  The Duke-UNICEF Innovation Accelerator is a unique collaboration, providing you with an exciting opportunity to partner with UNICEF and Duke to be a champion for children. This project will catalyze change for greater impact through solutions that enable earlier, faster, and more effective response for children, particularly in emergencies.

While providing direct support for the innovations selected, the Accelerator will increase the engagement of faculty and students in meaningful opportunities for innovation, learning, civic engagement, and knowledge development in the area of innovations for disadvantaged children, encouraging a new generation of leaders and scholars to engage in global efforts of social change.

If you have a strong interest in global health, international development, women’s health, and/or social entrepreneurship, we would like to invite you to consider joining the Duke UNICEF Accelerator Student Advisory Council.

By serving on the committee, you will work alongside administrators and faculty to help shape the vision and direction of Duke UNICEF’s student engagement strategy, which involves aspects of academic education, experiential learning, research, and knowledge sharing.

Being part of the Duke-UNICEF SAC is also an opportunity to network with peers, faculty, and leaders in the private/public sector who are working at the intersection of these fields. The Duke-UNICEF SAC will meet monthly, and members will work on various initiatives throughout the school year to achieve student engagement goals.

The time expectations for committee members will include monthly meetings of one to two hours plus around 5 hours of work per month on planning and execution of Duke-UNICEF initiatives. All committee members must be in good academic standing.

If you are interested in joining this year’s committee, please send a statement of interest to with subject line “Duke-UNICEF SAC”. Your statement of interest should be 1-2 paragraphs detailing your background, experience, year/areas of study, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the Duke-UNICEF SAC. We also welcome attaching a resume.

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you on this exciting new partnership!

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