Duke – Creative Arts Student Teams

Applications are now open for the Creative Arts Student Teams (CASTs) for Duke Arts! Gain professional experience and behind-the-scenes access to the Ruby. This work opportunity serves the Ruby and arts initiatives across campus in way that empowers individual CASTs to “own” their projects, provides meaningful professional development opportunities in arts administration, and fosters a sense of community among the CAST class.

Apply today!
Meet the 2018-19 CASTs.

Berlin – Global Founders Capital – Investment Intern

We currently have open positions for deep tech and generalist investment interns in our early stage investment team in our Berlin Headquarter and were interested to learn if any of your members might be interested in applying. Alternatively, we also have various functional positions available within our portfolio companies including roles in Software Engineering, Data Science, Sales, Marketing, Ops, HR and more. This is an opportunity in a fast-paced working environment which will support you in advancing your career and gaining incredible insights into the global start-up ecosystem and VC deal flow.

Venture Capital – Investment Intern

Job description

We are looking for people with a strong track record and great ambition to intern in our early stage venture capital team in Berlin. GFC is a $1BN+ globally oriented, stage agnostic fund that empowers gifted entrepreneurs. Managed from 8 offices worldwide we are a fund ‘by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs’ with a history of success backing billion-dollar companies such as Facebook, Revolut, Slack, Eventbrite, Away, Canva, Linkedin and many more.

Amongst many exciting challenges, you will:

  • Advance your career with lots of responsibility in a fast-paced working environment.
  • Gain incredible insights into the global start-up ecosystem and VC deal flow.
  • Develop and implement new ideas (processes, knowledge centers, etc).
  • Experience significant personal and professional growth.
  • Work in a flat hierarchy closely with our partners and investment managers.

Some of your responsibilities:

  • Screening & searching for new investment targets
  • Performing industry/landscape/technology evaluations
  • Conducting market sizing and competitor research
  • Building financial models and stress testing unit economics
  • Executing due diligences (expert calls, KPC analysis, etc.)
  • Participating in founder calls & meetings


  • Outstanding academic track record from a leading institution.
  • Strong track record of practical experience at Tier1 employers (Consulting, M&A, PE, BigTech) or in the venture ecosystem (responsible position in startup or VC fund).
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills and a clear hands-on mentality.
  • Knowledge & passion for emerging technologies as well as an innate business model understanding.
  • You feature an unparalleled willingness to drive new topics whatever it takes.

Reach out to luca@globalfounderscapital.com with any questions, and apply here: https://ri.recruitee.com/o/venture-capital-investment-intern

Durham – First – Product Specialist

First is hiring!
Mike Schneider, First’s Founder and CEO (and winner of the most positive human award), is a proud Duke alum, and he’d love for us to bring on more Blue Devils at the company!
We have a great entry level role for someone who is amazing with excel, tech focused and very attentive to detail.
It’s called a Product Specialist. This person will be focused on customer onboarding and QA (no coding background needed). Here is a direct link to the position (And here is a link to all the jobs we are hiring).
Feel free to share it with anyone you know who wants a foot in the door at a startup! If anyone in particular comes to mind, I’d be happy to talk with them directly. jruss@first.io

Cary, NC – Tech Stars – Summer Associate (Business, Marketing, Design, Operations)

Techstars is hiring in Cary, NC! The MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars is hiring associates in operations, business, marketing, and design for its upcoming insurtech accelerator program, which runs from mid-July through mid-October 2019 and takes place on MetLife’s Global Technology Campus in Cary, NC. You can find more information on open positions at techstars.com. Click here to watch a video and learn more about the program.

Durham – Bass Connections – Open Design at Duke and Beyond


When we hear the word “design,” we often think about a product: the features of a technology, the look of a space, the integrity of a structure. But design also refers to a process that can be used by teams to solve deeply complex, real-world problems. And because the design process (sometimes called design thinking or a variation referred to as human-centered design) asks us to learn and demonstrate essential 21st-century skills – like collaborating with stakeholders, communicating across media, analyzing data and iterating forward, thinking boldly and creatively in the face of uncertainty – more people are starting to think about how a design mindset can be integrated into educational contexts.

Project Description

This Bass Connections project offers students a rare opportunity to help ideate and build design experiences at Duke. Students will gain content knowledge about design thinking and human-centered design, plan and execute a one-day design learning summit, build educational resources for use at Duke and beyond and help design Duke’s new Design+ Durham program. Given Duke’s commitment to interdisciplinary thinking and inclusive action, the team will build a design framework that is dedicated to an open ethos, to a design process that values and promotes access to information, inclusion, diversity, transparency and meritocracy and to collaboration and community. We call this brand of design “open design.”

Anticipated Outputs

Literature review and landscape report; open educational resources about open design for use by anyone within or beyond Duke

Student Opportunities

Ideally, this project will comprise 2-3 graduate students and 3-4 undergraduate students. Applications are welcome from all majors and disciplines. Of particular interest are students from the following disciplines: visual and media studies (graphic design, UI/UX), cultural anthropology (ethnographies), computer science and electrical and computer engineering (development cycles, agile methodologies), education (designing learning resources), innovation and entrepreneurship (innovation cycles, lean methodologies), documentary studies (storytelling), and humanities such as history, philosophy, or English (strong writing and critical thinking). Students should also understand, or be open to understanding, a growth mindset.

  • This team is seeking two undergraduate researchers to begin work in Summer 2019. Students will work part-time and may work remotely. Summer researchers will begin a literature review of prevailing human-centered design and open design theories and will create a landscape report of university offerings and other educational resources from industry, government and nonprofits. Interested students should apply as soon as possible; materials will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Summer 2019 – Summer 2020

  • Summer 2019 (optional): Research: Small research team conducts literature review of prevailing theories and a landscape report of university offerings and other educational resources from industry, government and nonprofits
  • Fall 2019: Learn, Listen, Design: Students gain basic content knowledge about theories of design thinking and human-centered design and what educational resources are currently available; team plans and executes one-day design summit; team begins designing both educational resources about design thinking and human-centered design as well as Design+ Durham program
  • Spring 2020: Build: Team builds educational resources about design thinking and human-centered design for use at Duke and beyond
  • Summer 2020 (optional): Launch of Design+ Durham (open to all Duke students by application)


Independent study credit available for fall and spring semesters; summer funding

Apply Now

Students can apply using our online application.

Durham – Ranger Up – Social Media Marketing (internship and full-time)

We are a weird company and you have to be a special kind of weird to enjoy working here.  The owners of the firm and the majority of the employees have served in the military as Rangers, Green Berets, and Infantrymen.  Others have served as federal agents.  Others have spent years undercover fighting and taking down sex traffickers.  Many of us enjoy MMA, Boxing, and Jiujitsu as hobbies.  One of us fought in the UFC.  This probably makes us sound pretty intense, but we defy those stereotypes because taking yourself that seriously is exhausting.  Our work environment is incredibly informal,with the expectation that we play by “big boy/big girl rules” which simply means that if you say you’re going to do something, everyone here expects that you will do it.

For the right person this is a fun job.  We are located in downtown Durham next to about a thousand restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  We work in shorts and t-shirts every day.  We have great benefits to include top-tier health, dental, vision, and matching 401k.  We also have a pretty nice coffee maker, so we have that going for us, which is nice.

A lot of companies have no idea how to run social so they try to hire someone right out of college for social media roles hoping they have a magic millennial formula for success.  We are not that company.  We have been involved in social since MySpace, and we continue to beat major companies on organic engagement and paid advertising by a wide margin.  We will teach you how to excel in this area.

Feedback here is constant and direct.  We all expect that of each other.  If you do a great job, expect to be told that.  If you mess up, expect to be told that.  Neither of those things should be seen as a life-changing moment.  What we did yesterday is not good enough for today, and without a feedback loop, none of us get better.

What we’re looking for is someone who has a sound analytic mind (especially parsing data and crunching numbers using excel to segment customers) who enjoys engaging with our significant social network of followers and scouting, acquiring, and managing relationships with influencers, including dealing with occasional bouts of influencer narcissism.

Your job will be as a member of the acquisition team and will consist of two key areas: Analyzing Customer Data and Potential Markets, and finding and managing social media influencers.  While those will be your core tasks, at Ranger Up we have a policy that everyone pitches in whenever necessary, so no one including the CEO is too good for any task.  As such, people that believe they are above any type of work tend to do poorly here.  Conversely though, because we’re not big on ego trips, we all pull our own weight.  There are no menial tasks given to new hires.  We all make our own coffee, and we are all one team.

So here are the two core areas:

Social Media Marketing Analyst

  • Analyze market opportunities and business drivers to optimize marketing strategy and campaign execution.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action.
  • Including, but not limited to, developing an optimal posting schedule that considers web traffic levels and customer engagement.
  • Moderate social media pages in line with the Ranger Up customer interaction policy.
  • Develop, own and deliver the tactical marketing plan to deliver against your team’s strategic objectives using a data driven methodology.
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  • Suggest new ways to attract prospective customers, like promotions and competitions.

Social Media Influencer / Ambassador Engagement

  • Target social media influencers based affinity to valuable Ranger Up consumer segments. Specify the requirements required to be a Ranger Up Ambassador.
  • g. >10k Followers so sweep up function can be used, consistent with RU brand values, exists within current or target market segments.
  • Walk every new ambassador through the RU ambassador on-boarding process.
  • Track and manage a budget of assets used on a monthly basis.
  • Payouts, Products given, ensure influencers receive products on time for major releases, etc..
  • Work with design to create content consistent with brand guidelines for ambassadors to adhere to. Include posting cadence and expectations.
  • Assist in the execution of Special Marketing Projects.
  • Assist with outreach, partnerships, and events.
  • Schedule and plan influencers posts across all our social media platform
  • Check affinity and other key metrics as applicable.
  • Work with fellow acquisition team members to weigh the appropriate time to drive traffic to opportunities as determined by sales goals.
  • Analyze social media data and generate reports.
  • Assist with refining an RU social media strategy through feedback loops, radical candor, data, and incremental refinement.
  • Skill Requirements
  • Know the brand voice and be able to use it effectively.
  • Excellent writing, copy editing, presentation and communication skills.
  • Sound understanding of Excel
  • Demonstrable acumen in using social networking and comfortable with/learning social analytics tools.
  • Adequate knowledge of online marketing philosophy and good understanding of major marketing channels.
  • Positive attitude, customer oriented with good multitasking, and good organizational skills.

To Apply:

Send a resume and a non-lame cover letter that honestly tells us why you want to work here to nick@rangerup.com using the subject “Social Media Analyst Job Application” if you’re looking for a full-time job or “Social Media Intern Application” if you want to “tern” it up for the Summer.  <<< You’re not going to get acerbic wit like that just anywhere.

Durham – MoyoMedical Technologies – Social Media Intern


Our team at MoyoMedical Technologies is on a mission to empower women to take control of their own health. Our trailblazing biotechnology startup is changing the way we access healthcare by working to develop a preeclampsia diagnostic that is affordable and can be used at home. Join us on our mission to help change the healthcare by leveraging the power of technology.

Location: Durham/ Chapel Hill, North Carolina

MoyoMedical Core Values:

Health Equity | People First | Quality Work | Motivation | Inquisitive | Engaging | Creativity | Goal-Oriented | Passion-Driven

Intern Duties and Responsibilities

●  Support content development for our website and social media platforms

●  Contribute to company traction by keeping the community updated on our accomplishments

●  Increase company brand awareness and positive messaging for women’s health

●  Work directly with the foundational team

●  Help MoyoMedical empower more women by identifying their needs and spreading awareness about the company

●  Responsibilities may expand based on your unique strengths and interests

Intern Requirements and Qualifications

●  Students applying for internship should be enrolled in a university/college

●  Digital native with a mastery of social media: apps, settings, trends, etc.

●  Creative, energetic, and eager to tackle new projects

●  Experience with SquareSpace/website design, or eagerness to learn

●  Self-starter attitude that proactively proposes solutions and ideas

●  Excellent and timely communication skills (email, phone, social media, in-person, etc.)

●  Detail oriented


Unpaid – Part-time summer internship

Why Intern With MoyoMedical Technologies

●  Social Influence: Keep the community engaged with women’s health and health equity.

●  Flexibility: Flexible work schedule and work space. Opportunity to build expertise or take on new projects based on interest.

●  Startup Life: Dynamic, new, and impactful.

Apply online by emailing your resume and cover letter to Happy Ghosh at shghosh.moyomedical@gmail.com with the subject “Social Media Intern Application”.

Durham – Adwerx – Graduate Student Internship

Do you want to learn and deepen your knowledge of business and sales in a fast-growing technology start-up? Do you want to work on real problems and have your contributions impact a business in a meaningful way? Do you want exposure to marketing, business development, and other parts of an exciting company? Come intern with Adwerx!

We are looking for someone to complete and launch a project this summer that will help us benchmark how top real estate agents effectively spend their marketing dollars. This project will require survey design, interview, and data analytics skill to complete.

Adwerx is a successful advertising technology business with over 100 full-time employees in the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham (near the Durham Bulls Stadium). We are seeking to help very small businesses find a voice amongst corporate giants by giving them easy access to complex advertising technology.
We are hiring a full-time, paid intern who wants to work on a project that will impact the success, direction and future of Adwerx. As an Intern, you can expect to:
* Gain exposure to the customer acquisition and service process that will accelerate your ability to be successful as a business leader or entrepreneur
* Learn strategies that will help you position and sell products or services
* Conduct surveys, interviews, and data pulls/requests
* Analyze and build models based on data to support our ability to deliver consultingadvice to our customers
* Sit in on high level meetings with different departments (Marketing, Sales, BusinessDevelopment, etc.)
* Work together on an internship project and present to Adwerx leadership
* Receive coaching and personal development feedback that you can use in school andother areas of business
* Work directly with experienced sales professionals
* Attend happy hours and company events

To apply, please email your resume to Chris Leithe: cleithe@adwerx.com

Washington DC / Baltimore – Legends of Learning – Summer Associate

Founded by Duke BME graduate Vadim Polikov (Pratt, ‘03 and PhD, ‘09), Legends of Learning is building the future of game-based learning. With a marketplace of 1000+ curriculum-aligned science and math games, we are transforming classrooms into fun, productive learning environments. Our games are used by over 1.2M students in 20K schools and growing fast. We are also the creators of Legends Academy, a 3D adventure role-playing game, for kids to explore and learn through gaming at home. We were recently named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in the Greater Washington area by the Washington Business Journal.

We’re looking for a summer intern to help with multiple facets of the business. A core portion of your role will be supporting the Developer Community Manager, who oversees new incoming games for the platform, as we prepare for our upcoming Math product release at the end of the summer. Other roles may include customer success and marketing/analytics, or others based on your interest and skillset.

What we’re looking for in candidates:

  • Interest in entrepreneurship
  • Record of working in small, collaborative teams
  • High attention to detail and organization
  • Technically savvy
  • Concise communicator, both verbal and written
  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude, curious, and open-minded
  • Students of all years are welcome to apply


  • Weekly CEO-led entrepreneurial seminar
  • Experienced management team with multiple successful startup exits
  • 2 day a week work from home schedule
  • $13.25/hour compensation

Start Date: June 3rd

End Date: ~August 9th, flexible

To apply:

Email your Resume and Cover Letter to brian@legendsoflearning.com with subject line: Legends of Learning Internship Summer 2019

Durham – StrongKey – Marketing Internship

Hi everyone, my name is Paula Shaffer, and I’m the People & Ops Manager at StrongKey. Our COO Jake Kiser is a Duke Alum who earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 2011.

Who We Are

StrongKey is making data breaches irrelevant. We are redefining the way businesses and government agencies secure their information against the inevitability of a breach through providing four specific practices that ensures their data, no matter the format, remains encrypted and protected at the highest possible level. While other security solutions focus on predicting, containing, or looking after the perimeter, StrongKey provides strong authentication, encryption, and digital signatures – underpinned by key management – to ensure data security, even with an attacker on your network. We’re trusted by some of the largest companies and critical government agencies around the globe, and we have tailored solutions whether you’re a multinational corporation, small business, or just you – working from your home office.

Founded in 2001, we are now at a pivotal time to grow. This creates a unique opportunity for people joining the StrongKey team. We can offer the autonomy, excitement, strategy-setting, navigating ambiguity, and challenge of a startup backed by 18 years of proven success. If you are tired of being lost in the crowd or feel like you don’t have the opportunity for personal impact, we think we could be a compelling place for you to work. And if you drool at the opportunity to collaboratively create something new, we want you on board.

What You’ll Do

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join our marketing department and provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. You will have administrative duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies. As a marketing intern, you will collaborate with our marketing team in all stages of marketing campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our marketing channels.

This internship will help you acquire marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in marketing and should be prepared to enter any fast-paced work environment. Your role will encompass the following responsibilities.

  • Support the marketing team in daily administrative tasks
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  • Assist with writing and editing of all marketing copy
  • Assist with PR activities and internal communications
  • Prepare promotional presentations
  • Help distribute marketing materials and organize events
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns


  • Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  • Solid understanding of different marketing techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Familiarity with marketing software / applications (CRM tools, Google analytics, etc.)
  • Passion for the marketing industry and its best practices
  • Current enrollment in a related BS or Masters degree

How to Apply

Send an email to jobs@strongkey.com with subject: Marketing Internship.  Please include a copy of your resume.

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