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Vol. XXIII, Spring 2011

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke undergraduates. Additional pieces will appear after their authors revise them.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal


Neighborhood Effects and School Performance: The Impact of Public Housing Demolitions on Children in North Carolina by Rebecca Agostino

The Lobby That Cried Wolf: Restrictive Immigration Reform Does Cost
the American Agricultural Industry by Jonathan Amgott

Taming the Dragon: The Modernization of the Chinese Equity Markets and its Effects on IPO Underpricing by William Benesh

Taking Another Look at Multilateral Aid Flows: Reconsidering the Dynamics of the U.S.’s Strategic Use of Development Aid by Jared Goodman

Trailer Park Economics by Caitlin Gorback

The Comprehensive Optimal Business Location Model by Mitchel Gorecki

Time-Varying Beta: The Heterogeneous Autoregressive Beta Model by Kunal Jain

The Marital Wage Premium for Men: What is it today, and what is the cause behind it? by Hans Kist

Decision-Making With Potentially Biased Advisors by Kevin Kupiec

Contagion in Emerging Market Equities by Richard Li

Matching Offer in the Provision of Public Goods by Chengyu Li

The Economic Penalty of Dengue by Yamini Misra

Extending the Possibilities of Kidney Exchange with Compatible Pairs by Karna Mital

The Nurture Effect: Like Father, Like Son. What about for an Adopted Child? by Suanna Oh

Winner-Take-All Economics: Professional Inquiry and Public Discourse on Material Inequality by Johnathan Pryor

Beta Estimation Using High Frequency Data by Angela Minwoo Ryu

Incentives in Professional Tennis: Tournament Theory and Intangible Factors by Steven Seidel and Joshua Silverman

Market Power & Reciprocity Among Vertically Integrated Cable Providers by Jeffrey Shih-Kai Shen

Market Entry, a Vehicle for Innovation? by Maxim Sirenko

Contagion in Emerging Market Equities by Yiwen Zhu

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