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Symposium Edition 2011

The ninth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held in May 2011 in the Social Sciences building. Congratulations and thanks to all the authors, who wrote outstanding papers and gave polished presentations.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal


An Exploration of Multimedia Multitasking: How Television Advertising Impacts Google Search by Celeste Clipp

Openness to Ideas and Long Run Economic Growth by Sarah Freitas

Consumer’s Willingness to Pay a Price Premium for Living Wage Products by Rachel Fussell, Warren Wilson College

A Game-Theoretic Approach to Group Classroom Interactions by Elliott Isaac, Wake Forest University

Welcome to the United States: Self-selection of Puerto Rican Migrants by Kathryn Haiying Li

How Effective is Global Financial Regulation? The Basel Accords’ Role in Mitigating Banking Crises by Robert Nowak

How will they fare on “Judgment Day”? Reputational Herding in Professional Communities by Alexandra Oprea

The Principal Agent Problem, Asymmetric Information and Leveraged Buyouts: How Who Does the Buying Affects Who Gets Bought by Evan Kershaw Rose, UNC-Chapel Hill

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? (To the Hospital) Modeling the Impact of Introducing a Telemedicine System in a Remote Amazonian Community by Rollin K. Say

The Influence of School on Childhood Weight Gain by Kaylyn Swankoski, Elon University

Optimizing Rainwater Harvesting Installation in Kashongi, Uganda: Sustainable Water Supply, Collective Action and Institutions by Jason Wong

Do Recessions Improve the Teenage Obesity Rate? by Amy Xiaoyue Zhang

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