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VOL. XXXIV, Spring 2022

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke Graduate and Undergraduate students.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal

An older white man with a balding pate, large glasses, and white beard, his arms crossed in front, wearing a dark suit and patterened necktie
Vladimir Treml, professor of Economics at Duke University, 1967-1999

This edition of the Duke Journal of Economics is dedicated to the memory of Vlad Treml. Ed Tower recalls that Vlad collected cartoons from the Soviet humor magazine, Krokodil, Crocodile in Russian, which made fun of the distortions in the Soviet economic system. Tower and his micro econ students attended Vlad’s slide shows of these cartoons, to which his daughter added color. One cartoon shows a farmer feeding a loaf of bread to a cow. Vlad explained this made fun of the Soviet subsidy on bread but not grain, so it made sense to feed bread to the cows. Vlad and Emma hosted marvelous parties with fascinating guests from their wide circle of friends. Marilyn Dutton, who along with her husband, John, earned Duke econ PhDs, recalls that the Russian Easter bread that Emma made was memorable. She writes gratefully about Vlad’s mentorship of John and reflects with us that “Duke and many students were fortunate that Vlad Treml was on the faculty.” Especially moving was the flag draped bier at Vlad’s Russian Orthodox funeral, recalling his pride in serving in the US Marines.

Undergraduate Articles

Brandt, Alexander–Economic Situations and Social Distance: Taxation and Donation

Chouliara, Despoina–Corporate Governance in State-Owned and Privately-Owned Enterprises

Cooksey, Jackson–The Russian Maternity Capital Policy: Two Models

Kanzh, Riad–Economic Effects of the War in Donbas: Nightlights and the Ukrainian fight for freedom

Martin, Noah–Kazakhs and Russians: To Each Their Own

Morgenstern, Glenn–Subprime’s long shadow: Understanding subprime lending’s role in the St. Louis vacancy crisis

Quijano, Cheyenne–A perfect storm: The effect of natural disasters on child health

Rateb, George–The Case for Clemency: Differential Impacts of Pretrial Detention on Case and Crime Outcomes

Sun, Tony–Short and Long-Term Impacts of a Large-Scale Natural Disaster on Individual Labor Outcomes: Evidence from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Tong, Mona–The Effects of Gentrification and Displacement on Academic Achievement in Durham Public Schools, 2010-2019

Welton, Daniella–Analysis of the Impact of Gender and Age of Protagonists in Top-Grossing Films from 2000-2019 on Film Success


Graduate Articles

Dodd, Stephanie–Rational Irreligiosity via Cognitive Dissonance 

He, Weixin–Product and process innovation when considering changes in consumer dispersion

Pandey, Rajas–Optimal environmental reporting and the role of regulations

Wang, Yucheng–Collusion as an Indirect Signal