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Symposium Edition 2012

The tenth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held in May 2012 in the Social Sciences building. Congratulations and thanks to all the authors, who wrote outstanding papers and gave polished presentations.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal


Unitization of Oil Reserves in Alaska and the Supply Elasticity of a Common Pool Resource by Emily Bailey, Duke University

Cross-Stock Comparisons of the Relative Contribution of Jumps to Total Price Variance by Vivek Bhattacharya, Duke University

Price Partitioning and Consumer Rationality in Internet Retail Markets by Katharine Bodnar, Duke University

Understanding the Value of Amenities: A Study of the Land Value Determination Process in Hangzhou, China by Ching-Ching Chen, Duke University

After the Storm Impacts of Natural Disasters in the United States at the State and County Level by Danjie Fang, Duke University

The Effect of Single-Sex Education on Short and Long Term Extracurricular Participation by Grace Foster, Elon University

Policy in Competitive Insurance Markets: Incentivizing Risk Sharing and Cost Efficiency by Ross Green, Duke University

The Influence Effect of Critic Reviews on Foreign and Domestic Movies by Jayoung Jeon & Luxuan Jiao, Duke University

The Effect of Time Discounting on Flu Vaccinations by Greg McNamara, Davidson College

Foreign Exchange Responses to Macroeconomic Surprises: Playing “Peek-a-Boo” with Financial Markets by Vignesh Nathan, Duke University

Empirical Analysis on the Effects of Jumps on Realized Beta and the Disentanglement of Jump Beta1 by Hao Sun, Duke University

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