Mailing Lists

Several e-mail lists have been created to foster communication throughout the Divinity School community.   The lists are part of the Duke Mailing List Manager, powered by Sympa, a mailing list management software. For help with Sympa:

All mailing lists can be accessed through your Outlook or Outlook Web Mail.

Current Lists

  • Divinity Regular Rank Faculty – (closed list containing only regular rank faculty members)
  • Divinity Visiting Other Faculty –  (closed list containing visiting or other faculty members)
  • Divinity Staff – (closed list containing staff members)
  • Divinity Monthly Staff – (closed list for monthly staff members)
  • Divinity Biweekly Staff – (closed list for biweekly staff members)
  • Divinity Managers – (closed list for managers designated by HR)
  • Divinity DASG
  • Divinity Help Desk



The student list,, is a closed announcement list to send official school communications to the divinity student body. Administrative offices that need permission to send to the list should contact the divinity school helpdesk or the director of the Academic Formation and Programs Office at (919) 660-3428 for access to the list.