Accessing the F or S drive from Windows

To access Divinity School computing resources from outside of Duke’s network, you must connect to Duke’s network using Virtual Private Network software.  Duke uses the Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client.  If you do not already have the Cisco Anyconnect software installed, instructions for installing it can be found here.

1. After you have established a secure connection to our network, right-click on the “My Computer” icon, and select “Map Network Drive”.

2. In the “Drive” box, select S. Type the following in the “Folder” box:

Place a checkmark in the “Connect using different credentials” box.

3. Click Finish. A windows security window will appear asking for your credentials. and enter “win\<netid>” and your NetID password. *replace <netid>

  • Example: win\tuser


*To map the F: drive select F from the “Drive” box, and substitute \\\divinity\users\<netid> *replace <netid> with your NetID.

  • Example: \\\divinity\users\tuser