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For Self-Education

Anti-Racist Educational Resources

The IDEA Graduate Committee has compiled a list of educational resources aimed at expanding the Biology Department’s exposure to the variety of human experience. We believe that knowledge and understanding of those different than ourselves are important tools in creating an anti-racist society. These lists are created to mirror those lists focusing on the Black experience that were circulating in June and July 2020. However, please remember no group is a monolith! There exists tremendous diversity *within* each of these groups. There exists also intersectionality between each of these groups. As such, these lists are not meant to be comprehensive—for that would be essentially impossible. They are not even meant to be a primer: our goal is simply to provide a stepping stone. 

Given that race does not have a biological basis and is instead a social construct, the groups we have focused on are closer to broad cultural groups. Resources are generally grouped into “shorter reads”, “books”, “listen” and “watch”. We have aimed to gather resources that have been recommended by members belonging to each group. That being said, if you identify with one of these groups and have suggestions on additions or changes, please reach out to us at or through our anonymous comment form.

We aim to expand these lists in the near future to include articles on each group’s experience within academia, scientific research, and education.

Some extramural anti-racism resources to check out: