Graduate Student Committee

Current and past diversity committee members. From top left: Lauren Carley, Jacob Harrison, Irene Liao, Ariana Eily, Karla Sosa, Julia Notar, Brandie Quarles, Niba Nirmal, and Jonathan Colen.

2020-2021 members:

Karla Sosa (co-chair) – email | webpage

Brandie Quarles (co-chair) – email | webpage

Allie Schrock – email | website

Amanda Rossillo – email | website

Anita Simha (social media manager) – email | webpage

Danae Diaz – email | website

Jacob Harrison – email | webpage

Jacqueline Gerson – email | webpage

Jonathan Colen (website coordinator) – email | webpage

Julia Notar – email | webpage

Ray Allen – email | webpage

Val Gartner – email | website


Emerita / ad-hoc members:

Alex Loomis – webpage

Ariana Eily, PhD – webpage

Irene Liao – webpage

Lauren Carley – webpage

Marie-Claire Chelini (post-doc) – webpage

Niba Nirmal – webpage


Follow us on Twitter! Check out @DukeBioDiverse for updates on what’s happening with the committee.


Our process:

Working closely with faculty and department administration, we have developed an open and self-improving workflow that directs our efforts. Specifically, by creating recurring and deliberate avenues through which to receive feedback and constructive criticisms, we have been able to identify weak spots and strengthen them by developing targeted programming, curricula, and administrative guidelines.

Conceptual workflow of actions focused on improving diversity, inclusion, and equity.