Mission Statement

The Biology Department supports Duke University’s actions and policies implemented at the institutional level regarding diversity and inclusion. In addition, we believe that working toward these goals within the department strengthens that effort by building upon the intimacy, trust, and honesty fostered among a smaller community of people that know, respect, and feel safe around one another. To that end, the Biology Department has a  graduate student committee – the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism (IDEA) Committee –  to address these issues within our departmental community.

The  primary goal of the IDEA Committee is to enrich and support the community in the Biology Department by promoting equity and reducing bias; combating racism; embracing and increasing diversity; and building respect, inclusion, and cultural competency among all members of the department. We particularly seek to support and serve those community members who are underrepresented or feel marginalized. In addition to supporting this community, we strive to promote diversity by cultivating future communities comprised of exceptional individuals from all backgrounds and identities.

IDEA members receiving the Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence in 2019