Biol 750S

We are excited to offer our first full-length graduate level course in Spring 2021. The goal of this course is twofold:

  • To provide a venue for members of our graduate community to engage in sustained self-reflection and formal study of the intersections of oppression and academic biology. Compared to previous workshops, a semester-long course will allow us to historical and contemporary themes through longer readings and guided discussion.
  • To provide our home department an opportunity to invest in the IDEA committee’s work by monetarily compensating committee members. We are delighted to confirm that the graduate TAship supporting this course will be a paid position for the committee member leading the course each year. Due to accreditation reasons, the instructor of record will be a professor, who will work to support the independence of the graduate TA.

The graduate instructor for the inaugural run in Spring 2021 will be Raymond Allen, and the faculty instructor of record will be Greg Wray. This plan was recently been approved by the biology department’s Directors of Graduate study.

Check back to this page for future updates about the syllabus and other course materials!