Department Demographic Surveys

SOGIE Demographic Survey

IDEA’s first demographic survey, carried out in the spring of 2020, looked at sexual orientation and gender identities and expression (SOGIE) among the graduate students. 

Duke University’s Biology Department does not collect demographic information regarding integral and invisible identities including sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity. However, as was succinctly said in this recent comment by AAAS, AERA, et al. to the NSF: “In short, we cannot reduce disparities if we do not measure them. It has become clear that LGBTQ people – who comprise an estimated 4.5% of the U.S. population (and 8.2% among early-career age individuals) – are facing educational and career barriers in STEM fields.” Within our department, this deficit of knowledge of the graduate student population means the Biology Department and its IDEA committee cannot fully address the needs of its trainees.

We hope this survey will be enlightening, and will guide our collective, continued work to reduce biased policies and personal viewpoints.

PDF version: IDEA_2020 SOGIE Survey