Welcome to the Yokoyama Lab

The frontier of enzymology and natural products.

Nature produces a variety of biologically active organic small molecules through complex biochemical transformations.  Characterization of these pathways and enzymes is fundamental to the development of novel therapeutics in various disease areas.  We aim to understand the functions and mechanisms of these enzymes and use the knowledge to discover novel therapeutics. Specifically, we are interested in:

(1) Free-radical mediated enzyme catalysis (radical enzymology).

(2) Cofactor biosynthesis in humans and pathogenic bacteria.

(3) Antifungal biosynthesis and genome mining.

(4) Fungal cell wall biosynthesis and antifungal mode of action.

We use a combination of approaches from organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and spectroscopy with a particular focus on the functional and mechanistic characterization of enzymes, small molecule characterization, bacterial and fungal/yeast genetics, synthetic organic chemistry, NMR, EPR and fluorescence microscopy.