Laser Lab Facilities

laser_fullThe Therien Group Laser Laboratory is equipped with a CPA-2001 Ti:Sapphire femtosecond Regen-amplifier which produces 150~180 fs, 780nm, 0.8mJ output at 1kHz rep rate. This Ti:S regen amplifier is equipped for pump(vis)-probe(vis-NIR) spectroscopy in the ultrafast time regime with wavelength coverage from visible (450nm) up to 1400nm with CCD detector and Ingaas array detector. The major output of Ti:S regen amplifier is feeding our home-built NIR optical parametric amplifier, which is then frequency-doubled for producing visible output, or directly used as pump with 780nm or 390nm (frequency doubling), and ~5% output of Ti:S regen amplifier is used for white continuum generation as probe source. In addition, the Lab houses a nanosecond laser flash photolysis spectrometer, LP920 from Edinburgh, which allows us to study the excited states of organic and inorganic molecules in ns ~ ms time regime, with a Q switched Nd:YAG laser and optical parametric oscillator, which produces 410~2400nm, ~5ns pulse.

Our custom Raman system utilizes a PI Acton SP2360i 300 mm spectrograph outfitted with three gratings to cover spectral information from 250 to 1700 nm. Light detection through the spectrograph is provided via two cameras: a PI Acton PIXIS 400 BR CCD (250 to 1100 nm, 1300 x 400 pixels, 20 um pixel size, back-illuminated deep-depletion for enhanced sensitivity throughout the NIR), and a PI Acton OMA V 1024 liquid nitrogen cooled InGaAs CCD that covers the 800- 1700 nm spectral regime. Five laser lines are available and interchangeable on this system; these include: 532 nm diode-pumped solid state (100 mW; Cobolt AB Lasers), 633 nm He-Ne (20 mW; Lasos), and 785 nm (120 mW), 980 nm (500 mW), and 1064 nm (1000 mW) diode lasers from Torsana Laser Technology AB. Our laboratory is also equipped with a streak camera for picosecond fluorescence measurement and a steady state absorption and emission spectrometer, as well.