OUR RESEARCH involves the synthesis of compounds, supramolecular assemblies, nanoscale objects, and electronic materials with unusual ground-and excited-state characteristics and the interrogation of these structures using state-of-the-art transient optical, spectroscopic, photophysical, and electrochemical methods. Over chemical dimensions that span molecules (subgroup 1) to materials (subgroup 2), we probe experimental and theoretical aspects of charge migration reactions and ultrafast electron transfer processes. 

Insights into the structure-property relationships of molecular, nanoscale, and macroscopic materials allow us to fabricate polarizable and hyperpolarizable chromophores, structures for molecular electronics applications, optical limiters, and a wide range of other electrooptic and photonic materials that include novel conducting polymers, structures for solar energy conversion, and new platforms for in vivo optical imaging. Other efforts in our laboratory involve elaborating de novo electron- and energy-transfer proteins, interrogating catalytic redox reactions, designing catalysts for small molecule activation, and developing new tools to manipulate nanoscale structures. Key areas of active research are elaborated upon in some detail in each of the links to the right.

Selected Publications:

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  7. Extreme electron polaron spatial delocalization in π-conjugated materials, PNAS, 2015
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  9. Quantitative Evaluation of Optical Free Carrier Generation in Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, JACS, 2018
  10. Printable and recyclable carbon electronics using crystalline nanocellulose dielectrics, Nature Electronics, 2021