Principal Investigator

Dr. Michael J. Therien
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Rui Liu works on supermolecular systems that feature ratcheted electron and energy transfer as well as proton coupled electron transfer (PCET).

Graduate Students

Jamie Alatis studies fundamental photophysical processes in polymer wrapped single walled carbon nanotube superstructures. Jamie enjoys watching hockey, snowboarding, playing Magic: The Gathering, and playing dungeons and dragons in his free time. Jamie loves the humor of everyone in the Therien lab.

Jarrett Mansergh is studying molecular and de novo protein photosynthetic constructs. Jarrett enjoys running, craft beer, traveling, and spending time with friends and family!

Jiaqi Zhu is researching spins in conjugated molecules through chemical synthesis, morphology and conformation fine tuning, transient spectroscopy, and theoretical calculation.

Victoria Cinnater synthesizes porphyrin-based supermolecular assemblies for applications in next-generation quantum computing and solar energy conversion materials. Victoria hopes to become a PI at a primarily undergraduate university or liberal arts college. Victoria loves having a fun time at work with her labmates.

Riley Stephenson designs, synthesizes, and characterizes superstructures based on nanoscale carbon to study fundamental photophysics and free carrier dynamics. Riley’s favorite part about the Therien lab is that we are well equipped to do the majority of our synthesis and characterization in-house. So, one can build interesting structures and study their properties – all with a nice view of the Duke chapel from our lab!

Lindsay Pederson synthesizes perfluoroalkyl porphyrin arrays and iron-NHC complexes for applications in solar energy conversion. Lindsay’s favorite thing about the Therien lab is the view from her hood (fifth floor of French) – best view at Duke. Outside of lab, Lindsay enjoys cooking, crocheting, and hiking/camping.

Undergraduate Students 

Xander Wilcox synthesizes rylene-based polymers to study their photophysical properties when wrapped around carbon nanotubes. Xander enjoys fencing (he is a member of Duke’s Fencing Team!) and getting food with friends at their favorite places in Durham.

Lab Manager

Mei Lu