Graduates of the Therien Lab make up an extensive network of leaders in academia, industry, government, and beyond. 

Zach Widel – Technology Commercialization Fellow at University of Illinois Chicago

Francesco Mastrocinque – Lithography Engineer at Intel

Hope Meikle – Associate at Boston Consulting Group

Erin Peterson – Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT

Chih-Hung Ko – Senior Scientist at Eastman

Animesh Nayak – Research Chemist at Invista

George Bullard – TD and Yield Engineer at Intel Corporation

Brian Langloss – Consultant at NC Beer Factory

Yusong Bai – Assistant Professor at Brown University

Ting Jiang – IMAC Science Research Manager at The University of New Mexico

Ruobing Wang – Senior Data Scientist at Telesign

Nick Polizzi – Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard

Mary Glesner – R&D Director at Georgia-Pacific

Jeff Rawson – President, Institute of Cannabis Science

Josh Stecher – Research Director – Nanomaterials at Intelligent Material Solutions Inc.

Jongkang Park – Sr. Design Engineer at ASML

Jean-Hubert Olivier – Associate Professor at University of Miami

Hyejin Yoo – Principal Scientist at Physical Sciences Inc.

Melanie O’Sullivan – Principal Scientist at Cambridge Display Technology

Paul Angiolillo – Professor Emeritus of Physics at Saint Joseph’s University

Peter Ghoroghchian – President and CEO, Co-founder Ceptur Therapeutics

Dirk Hohnholz

Ying Ma

Tae-Hong ParkSenior Researcher at KAERI

Pravas DeriaAssociate Professor at Southern Illinois University

Stephen DiMagno – Professor, University of Nebraska

James Fletcher – Professor, Creighton University

James G. Goll – Professor, Edgewood College

Alison Hyslop – Professor, St. John’s University

Peter Iovine – Professor, University of San Diego

Tomoya Ishizuka – Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba

Youn K. Kang – Professor, Sangmyung University

Ching-Yao Lin – Professor, National Chi Nan University

Igor Rubtsov – Professor, Tulane University

Masaaki Suzuki – Assistant Professor, Chiba University

Samia Zrig – Associate Professor, Université Paris Diderot

Jaehong ParkAssistant Professor at Ewha Womans University

Jennifer Ayres – FHI

Julia A. Barnhill – Meridian BioCorp, LLC

Peter J.F. de Rege – Firmenich

Paul Frail – Advanced Senior Researcher – Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions

Matthew A. Kellett – Chemical and Patent Information Specialist at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Steven M. LeCours – CASO Consulting

Guizhi Li – BioArray Solutions

Brandon C. Rafferty – Johnson Matthey

Mariem Rosario-Canales – Senior Engineer at GE Aviation

Reneé Shediac – Senior Director, Scientific Communications and Exchange

Louise Sinks – US Nano

Ian Stanton – Senior Technical Sales Specialist at NanoTemper Technologies

Wei Qi – Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co. Ltd.

Sophia Wu – Pacific Biosciences

Tiangao Zhang – Thomas Reuters

Zhenguan Zhang – Ivoclar Vivadent Manufacturing

Rebecca M. Allen – Food and Drug Administration

Timothy Duncan – Food and Drug administration

Christopher Fry – Argonne National Lab

Kevin T. Moore – U.S. Pharmacopeia

Naomi Redmore – Transportation Security Administration

Kimihiro Susumu – U.S. Navy Research Laboratory

and many more that don’t currently have LinkedIn…