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Often Robotic arms might struggle with interaction with the environment. Without much feedback, rather the embodiment, they may not be able to execute operations that require them to perform highly without the visual and sensory inputs. 

Hence we proceeded to design and implement a haptic robotic arm that can identify and classify a preset group of objects using a computer vision-based system and apply different pressures on the designated object after locating its orientation in space.

Academic Goals:

We also wished to deepen our understanding of Sensors and Computer Vision, which led us to select this topic. 


Software Objectives

Train YOLO to identify and differentiate between the following objects Sponge Ball, Rubber Ball and Golf ball

Integrate the YOLO output to Arduino (Future Work)

Electro- Mechanical Objectives

Program servos of a robot arm to perform a set path

Output force data when picking up an object

Validate the output of an accelerometer

System Decomposition



Conclusions and Outputs

Successful Identification of the Objects on YOLO : Images

Haptic Arm Picking Up Objects

About the Authors

This page was written by Ankitha Durvasula and Rucha Patil.