Rucha Patil

About me

Hi! Rucha here.

I am an M.S student, studying Mechanical Engineering in the Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Duke University. I wish to conduct research and pursue a Ph.D. in Robotics and Intelligent Systems!

Priorly, I have worked in Mechanical Design and CAD and wanted to familiarize myself with Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Robots during this course. For this class, I have worked alongside Ankitha Durvasula and Dr. George Delagrammatikas on the Haptics Robot Arm Project

Drop me a mail or a message if you would like to connect! 

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Note:Due to file size the files have been moved on google drive

My contributions

I implemented the YOLO algorithm for a custom trained dataset using the darknet framework which was a subsection of the Haptic Robot Arm Project. The program can identify and differentiate between a Sponge Ball, a Rubber Ball and a Golf ball. The Links to the tutorials are as below. 


Take a peek inside !