Command to Run Darknet

The generic command to run the darknet is, (assuming you are currently in the darknet directory)

./darknet      detector demo/test      .data       .cfg       .weights      input

1. ./darknet – This is the shell command for execution of an executable file. If a windows machine is being used, the command will be darknet.exe followed by the arguments.

2. detector demo or detector test – detector demo is for camera feed and detector test for images.

3. The next argument is the path to the .data file

4. Followed by the path to the .cfg , configuration file 

5. The .weights file

6. And lastly the input, which can be an , image, video or camera feed. In case of images and videos, it should be a path. For camera input, it is ‘-c’ followed by the number of the camera. ‘0’ is the default camera of the system. 

Output for images

Output for live camera feed

After running the command,