Section A : Image Processing


Import libraries and image

The color scheme needs to RGB because of the different defaults in matplotlib and OpenCV.

Define the display function


Thresholding is converting an image to only black and white values, which a binary image. This feature can be used in multiple applications of identification where the contrast is high.

Changing Hue and Saturation Values

Here we changed the representation of images from RGB to HSV. HSV is more closer to human vision.


Here we change the brightness values associated with the image

Applying filter

Here, Sobel filter is being applied. It can be changed based on whichever filter is need for an image

Plotting the RGB values

Plotting the color channels of the duke chapel image

Section B : Video Processing , Live Camera Feed

The implementation of video is similar to that of image and similar commands can be used as images to process it. 

Drawing Circles on Live Camera Feed

Tracking Corners

Code is available on github