Schools, companies, and individuals are encouraged to partner with Duke MEMS as we develop this global, open-source educational platform.

Consider any of the following ways to partner with us, each with associated levels of involvement:

Your Time.

  1. serve as an external advisor who guides the way we disseminate information on this website
  2. evaluate our designs by making them yourself and posting your work

Your Talent.

  1. suggest experiments and other educational interventions that we can design and post here
  2. offer your modules that we can upload here (you will be credited with the work)

Your Treasure.

  1. donate funds, supplies, and equipment to support individual experiments
  2. put your name on our lab and/or our experiments so you or your company can be recognized publicly

Your Learning.

  1. Video Lectures

Are you a manager, mid-career engineer, involved in corporate outreach, or just want to help, join our MEMS External Advisory Board and steer the direction of our department for years to come.

Contact Prof Delagrammatikas to find out how to become a partner.