Google account. 

Kindly refer to the Preparation and Training YOLO on Jetson priorly. 


1. As described in the Preparation and ‘Training YOLO on Jetson’, the preparation of the files can be performed locally except running the train command. Then uploading the files to the drive and running it on a remote GPU. 

2. Or the files can also be processed on the drive itself. 

The only additional step is to mount the drive (connect google drive to  google colab) as depicted in the picture below.  

Similar to training on Jetson, the weights are stored in the backup folder and a backup is generated every 1000 iterations

The process can take any time from 2-14 hours or more as per the settings. 

The process for training the 3 classes for different balls, took 9 hours.

Additional Reference

The Process in detail for training the model on Colab