Congratulations to Dr. Willard!

Congratulations to Dr. Katie Willard, who successfully defended her thesis titled Viral and Host Factors Drive Spontaneous Reactivation of Type 1 Epstein Barr Virus. Katie has worked hard and we’re excited to see what she does next on her scientific journey! Awesome work Dr. Willard!

Katie’s Paper was Accepted!

Congrats to Katie on her paper, Viral and host factors drive a type 1 Epstein-Barr virus spontaneous lytic phenotype, getting accepted with ASM’s mBio! Her paper focuses on EBV-associated endemic Burkitt Lymphoma cells that spontaneously enter the lytic state as opposed to remaining latent, and explores the mechanisms of why this occurs. Check out the… Continue Reading Katie’s Paper was Accepted!

Lyla’s Paper was Accepted!

Congratulations to Lyla on her newly accepted paper to AACR’s Molecular Cancer Research entitled CBF-Beta Mitigates PI3K-Alpha–Specific Inhibitor Killing through PIM1 in PIK3CA-Mutant Gastric Cancer. This is great research highlighting the mechanisms of resistance to small molecule inhibitors in EBV-associated gastric cancer. Check out the paper here.

Trip to the lemur center

The Luftigres took an afternoon to explore the Duke Lemur Center, where we learned about the lemurs housed there and how such a unique operation is run to the highest standard. And, of course, we got some great pics of the lemurs themselves!  

Congratulations to Dr. Stanland!

Congratulations to Dr. Lyla Stanland, who successfully defended her thesis titled EBV-Associated Gastric Cancer: From Initial Infection to Unique Therapeutic Approaches. Lyla will be doing exciting new work as the Associate Director of Oligo Therapeutics with EnFuego Therapeutics. Way to go Dr. Stanland!  

Keystone Conference

A few Luftigres traveled to Keystone, CO for the B Cell Biology in the Context of Infectious Diseases, Autoimmunity and B Cell Cancers Symposium. In addition to hearing great talks, they were able to explore beautiful Keystone, play a round of golf, and present some posters!