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Velocity 11 Liquid Handling System


Robotic microplate manipulation

The Facility utilizes a Velocity 11 Integrated Instrument System for the Maintenance and Delivery of RNAi/Small Molecule Libraries. This instrument system integrates the processes of precision liquid dispensing, plate handling, and plate management (bar-coding and sealing) required to implement genome-scale screening with siRNA libraries. This instrument system is housed in a Baker BioProtect II biological safety cabinet in order to provide a sterile environment for manipulation of the libraries, or when performing retroviral based screening.

The precision liquid handling component of the Velocity 11 system is the Bravo. The Bravo can utilize either a 96 or 384-well pipette head to accurately dispense volumes from 0.2-70µl using disposable pipette tips. The Bravo also incorporates a plate gripper to allow robotic plate movement between any of the nine positions on the deck.

















BenchCel 4X
The BenchCel 4X is the plate handling component of the system. It provides microplate storage and transfer between the Bravo liquid handler, PlateLoc plate sealer, and the VCode bar-coder. This component also provides de-lidding and re-lidding function for microplates. This component can provide plate handling for two processes simultaneously, by utilizing two of four included BenchCel racks for each process. Additionally this component can store and deliver tipboxes to the Bravo.








The PlateLoc is the thermal plate sealing component of the system. This plate sealer can seal a wide range of microplates and automatically accommodates deepwell, assay, PCR, and compound storage plates. This is required for the sealing of RNAi, shRNA, and small molecule libraries for long-term storage. The PlateLoc can also be used in stand alone mode.







The VCode is the bar-code label reader, printer, and application component of the system. Bar-coding as a means to manage and track plates in a high-throughput assay is indispensable. The VCode can read or label the microplate on any side or combinations of sides for integration into any workflow.