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CCSB-Broad lentiviral Genome or Kinome expression library

ORF Library

CCSB-Broad lentiviral kinome ORF expression library

The facility has an ORF expression library of 600 kinases, in a lentiviral vector. Each kinase is V5-tagged at its C-terminus for easy tracking of expression. The lentiviral vector, pLX304, drives ORF expression from the CMV promoter and confers blasticidin resistance to transduced cells. This library can be screened in either arrayed or pooled lentiviral format.


Sigma TRC3 LentiORF library

The facility also has a pooled library of 17,000 lentiviral human ORFs in the pLX317 vector, with dedicated barcodes, that can be used for ORFeome-scale pooled screening.



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