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Implementation Groups

Team Structure

Functional Area Implementation Teams

Functional experts would represent the functional areas as they work through all the task categories.


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E-Resource Management wiki
Resource Access wiki
Metadata Management wiki
Resource Management wiki


Task Category Working Groups

These teams are organized by task categories. Each team would complete category tasks for each functional area.

Configuration wiki
User Permissions wiki
Data wiki
Workflow wiki
Documentation and Training wiki
Functional Testing wiki
Reporting wiki



Implementation Timeline (Tentative)


Quarter 3

Commit to implementing FOLIO ERM-focused apps

Organize working teams

Begin analyzing data for ERM

Quarter 4

Compose Team Charters

Define Tasks for Teams

Continue Work on Tentative Timeline


Quarter 1

Local FOLIO Instance Ready

Deploy ERM test environment

Install Library Data Platform (LDP)

Collect custom ERM queries for LDP

Define service point strategy (circ desks)

Define location strategy

Define data migration for bibs/holdings/items

Quarter 2

Create ERM documentation

Train ERM staff

LDP training for staff

Test pre-built ERM queries

Notices strategy

Map items to inventory app

Map data for orders

Quarter 3

Tentative Go-Live for ERM!

Have a party!

Fines strategy

Load order data

Verify MARC data migration