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Which SIG group would you like to hear more about?

  • Implementers Group (31%, 5 Votes)
  • Metadata Management (25%, 4 Votes)
  • Resource Management (13%, 2 Votes)
  • ERM Sub Group (13%, 2 Votes)
  • Reporting (13%, 2 Votes)
  • User Management (6%, 1 Votes)
  • System Ops and Management (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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Open Forum Presentation 2019.01.24

FOLIO@Duke Newsletter v. 1 no. 1

The FOLIO@Duke Newsletter is a communications tool intended to keep staff abreast of news, schedules and important information regarding the development and implementation of FOLIO at Duke. We will regularly convey four main cornerstones of the project in each newsletter. Those cornerstones are Steering Group Updates, highlights of the project’s driving values and road map, discussion of FOLIO design and functionality, and updates about Duke’s migration activities and timeline.

In this issue:
New Staff
What is an LSP?
Steering Group Update
Value: Communication
Watch This
Bee Facts
Project Plan

Welcome New Library Systems and Integration Support Staff!

Julie Brannon: Julie comes to us from Elon University’s Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. She has previously worked as a Database Specialist at LabCorp and a Software Developer and Business Analyst with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Julie has a BA in Economics and History from West Virginia Wesleyan College and an MSIS from UNC-CH.

Jackie Gottlieb: Jackie was a Senior Business Analyst with Rise Against Hunger non-profit company. Her previous position was as a Project Manager/Business Analyst for over 7 years at Duke University’s School of Nursing. Jackie has a BFA in Photography from Kutztown University in PA and a M.S. in Training and Development from NC State University.

Erin Nettifee: You may know Erin from her work as the Service Desk Coordinator in Access and Delivery Services in Perkins. She has previously worked with OIT as the Link Services Coordinator and worked on the ServiceNow implementation. She has taken on the testing lead for the Request Application, written end-user documentation for SharePoint, service at the Link, and for the Perkins Service desk. Erin has a BA in American History and Mathematics from Northwestern University and a MLIS from the University of Washington.

Kristen Wilson: Is a project manager/business analyst at Index Data, will also be joining the LSPSG meetings. Kristen is shadowing the team to help Index Data gain real-world insight into the implementation process as they develop a suite of FOLIO services. By supporting Index Data in this process, Duke will help to ensure a diversity of high-quality service offerings within the FOLIO community.

What is an LSP?

LSP stands for Library Services Platform. Instead of one monolithic integrated library system (ILS) that contains all of the workflows and all of the data involved in resource management, a Library Services Platform offers modular applications where each application can specialize in one function and keep the data related to that related to that function. The specialized applications communicate via APIs, over the web. The LSP allows for the connections to knowledge bases, shared indexes or link resolvers. An LSP may also allow the connection to external applications that are related to library resource management but have not been part of traditional ILS such as external reporting applications, data repositories, or even workflow engines.

Steering Group Update

A Duke University Libraries committee you haven’t heard of? Shocking, right? The Library Services Platform Steering Group (LSPSG) is comprised of Laura Cappelletti, Dracine Hodges, Andrea Loigman, Karen Newbery, and Sarah Schmidt. This group replaces the ILS Transition Steering Group with several members continuing service (Dracine, Andrea, and Sarah).
The LSPSG are tasked with providing leadership for DUL as we prepare to migrate to our next library service platform (i.e.from ALEPH to FOLIO). This migration is planned for the summer of 2020, ideally as FY20 ends. The LSPSG meets monthly and is in frequent contact with one another. This newsletter will be issued monthly to help you all keep up with what is happening on the FOLIO front. At any time, if you have a question about FOLIO, please don’t hesitate to talk to any member of the LSPSG.

The FOLIO Product Council acts on behalf of the OLE Community and FOLIO partners to express and champion priorities in the development of the FOLIO Library Service Platform, and ensure the relevance and cohesiveness of the FOLIO project. It’s mission was outlined in the FOLIO Product Council Charter dated 2017-02-13. Dracine Hodges is Duke’s representative on the Product Council.


We hear you! Communication will be a huge part of the FOLIO project here at Duke, and we’re refocusing on ways to better communicate—starting with this newsletter! Look for additional newsletters, blog posts, status updates at open meetings, updates on our wiki.


January 24: Open Forum 9:00

Come to Open Forum to meet the new Business Analysts and hear our introductory update.

February 11: Data Retreat 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. in the Edge Workshop Room

Invitees will review and discuss points such as those below as we refocus the work of the Data Normalization Team.

      • where is data strong/standard?
      • where does data present challenges? 
      • how do we want to enhance our data in prep for BIBFRAME/Linked Data
      • what policies do we need?

For Your Viewing Pleasure

FOLIO Forum: a regular series of presentations/webinars on FOLIO and related projects/efforts

Project Plan

Bee Facts

Honey has natural preservatives and bacteria can’t grow in it.

Bees have five eyes – two compound eyes and three tiny ocelli eyes.

Bees have two stomachs – one stomach for eating and the other special stomach is for storing nectar collected from flowers or water so that they can carry it back to their hive.

Welcome to FOLIO at Duke

FOLIO logo
  FOLIO – The future of libraries is open

Welcome to the FOLIO at Duke site. We will use this site for communication to the Duke University Libraries’ staff as well as anyone else who is interested in our progress as we adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform at Duke.


2022 Q1

Review data requirements for historical Aleph data

Circulation rules creation

Review functional gaps

Document workflows in Kiwi

Begin working on integrations

2022 Q2

Continue integrations

Special development underway

Testing process documented and practiced