Use Policies

First Time Users: We request first time users to make an appointment with the Core Director to discuss your proposed experiments to ensure we have the instrumentation and capabilities to support your experimental needs.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancelling Assisted Services (Assisted Cell Sorting and Assisted Analysis): As soon as you realize that you can't use your scheduled time, please call and speak to one of the staff members directly or email all the staff simultaneously (to ensure a rapid response).

Staff performed sorting and analysis time is at a premium. If you find a replacement or we find a replacement, you will not be charged for the replaced time. There is no charge if you cancel more than 2 business days in advance. If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time, you may be charged 100% of the reserved time if no replacement can be found. We charge 50% of the reserved time for cancellations between 24hrs and 48hrs of the scheduled time, unless a replacement can be found. If you simply fail to show up or call concerning an assisted sort or analysis appointment, we will always charge you for 100% of the reserved time.

Cancelling Self-Use Reservations: A 24hrs cancellation/modification policy applies to ALL self-use reservations, wherein cancellations or modifications won't be allowed within 24hrs of the scheduled time. We request users to consult with us if you are unsure how long to schedule. Please note that this policy is applicable to the analyzers and SONY sorters only.

Instrument Training: All first-time users must go through the formal training provided by our staff. Instrument training by other fellow lab members is not acceptable, and such users will not be granted access to the instruments. Please contact Javid Mohammed for scheduling analyzer training, or Yingqiu Guo for Sony SH800 and MA900 training.

Acknowledging the DCI-Flow Core: Any publications generated with the support of DCI-FCSR staff, instrumentation or software should acknowledge our CCSG award number in order to comply with the NIH requirements. The following text must be used to acknowledge our facility:

“Flow Cytometry was performed in the Duke Cancer Institute Flow Cytometry Facility at Duke University, Durham, NC, which is supported by the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) award number P30CA014236."
Individual members of the DCI-Flow Core may also be acknowledged where appropriate.

Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP): All users are required to read and sign the DCI-FCSR's Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP) to gain access to the instruments and services. A PDF copy of the DMSP can be downloaded if you would rather like to read it as a PDF. However, you would still need to sign the online form to complete this requirement.

Facility Access: Users who are formally trained for independent use of the instruments will be given 24-hour access to the facility. All analyzers and self-use sorters are available for use 24/7. Assisted cell sorting and analysis services are provided during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Biosafety: The DCI-FCSR has the capability to handle BSL2/2+ biosafety-level samples for cell sorting. Users requesting assisted cell sorting services and/or the training on the self-use sorters are required to complete our online Biosafety and Cell Sorting Questionnaire.
Users must also submit the above form every time there is a change in the Biosafety-level of their samples.

Mailing List: Facility users will be automatically added to the DCI-FCSR mailing list to update with the state of the facility.
You may subscribe to the mailing list if you are not currently added to the list. Conversely, you may unsubscribe from our mailing list If you no longer use the DCI Flow Core.

Quick Links & Info

Access CoreResearch for Scheduling
Submit Biosafety & Cell Sorting Questionnaire
Read/Sign our Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP)

Our Address:
Edwin Jones Bldg. Room#306
207 Research Dr, Durham, NC 27710

Resource Location:
Astrios Cell Sorters: 336 Jones
Diva Cell Sorter: 307 Jones
Sony SH800: 369 Jones
Sony MA900: 301 Jones
Cytek Aurora: 369 Jones
LSR Fortessa: 369 Jones
FACSCantoA: 343 Jones
FACSCantoB: 343 Jones
Analysis Workstation: 307 Jones
Main Office: 306 Jones

Contact Us:
Office (Javid): 919-613-7818
Astrios Sorter (Lynn): 919-613-7821
Astrios Sorter (Kayla): 919-613-7836
Diva Sorter (Bin): 919-613-7820
Group email: