Assisted Acquisition & Analysis:
We provide assisted analysis services to run samples that are prepared and stained by the users. We do not provide sample preparation or staining services. To ensure instrument and staff availability, we request users to schedule assisted appointments well in advance (at least a week or two in advance if possible). Please contact Javid Mohammed to consult about and schedule assisted analysis services.

Assisted Cell Sorting:
First time users who are requesting assisted cell sorting service (or anytime there is a change in the Biosafety-level of the samples) are required to complete our online Biosafety and Cell Sorting Questionnaire here

Also, we ask first time assisted cell sorting users to consult with us and discuss sample preparation, panel information, collection options, length of sort-time needed, downstream application, etc. prior to scheduling the first sort. Please contact Javid Mohammed for general cell sorting queries, Lynn Martinek and Kayla Parr for Astrios sorters, Bin Li for DiVa sorter, and Yingqiu Guo for Sony MA900 and SH800 cell sorter related queries.

Experiment Design/Consultation:
We provide free consultation service for all Duke members for experiment and panel design, and for troubleshooting. Please contact Javid Mohammed for experiment design and panel design consultations, and for help with data analysis.

Analysis Software:
Windows workstation is in Jones bldg., Room#307. We currently have FlowJo installed on it. Please contact us if you need help with data analysis.

Training for Independent use:
All users are required to go through formal instrument training by our staff members before independent use. Users trained by other users will not be granted access to the instruments for independent use. Please contact Javid Mohammed to schedule analyzer trainings, and Yingqiu Guo (for Sony SH800 and MA900 cell sorter trainings).

Introductory Training:
Introductory training videos coming soon!

Quick Links & Info

Access CoreResearch for Scheduling
Submit Biosafety & Cell Sorting Questionnaire
Read/Sign our Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP)

Our Address:
Edwin Jones Bldg. Room#306
207 Research Dr, Durham, NC 27710

Resource Location:
Astrios Cell Sorters: 336 Jones
Diva Cell Sorter: 307 Jones
Sony SH800: 369 Jones
Sony MA900: 301 Jones
Cytek Aurora: 369 Jones
LSR Fortessa: 369 Jones
FACSCantoA: 343 Jones
FACSCantoB: 343 Jones
Analysis Workstation: 307 Jones
Main Office: 306 Jones

Contact Us:
Office (Javid): 919-613-7818
Astrios Sorter (Lynn): 919-613-7821
Astrios Sorter (Kayla): 919-613-7836
Diva Sorter (Bin): 919-613-7820
Group email: