The FCSR uses a web based CoreResearch system for scheduling and billing, which can be accessed at this URL: Click on the CoreResearch@Duke tab on the left-hand side navigation and sign in with your net ID and password.

Facility Registration:
It is the responsibility of the PIs and the Financial Managers to link the lab members to appropriate fund codes owned by the PIs.  An individual may be linked to one or more fund codes and can select the proper code to apply to any job performed in our shared resource. If you have questions about how to use the CoreResearch, the center blue circle on the CoreResearch page has many how-to links for PIs, Financial managers, and facility users alike.

Making Reservations:
Please do not use the Firefox browser. It is not compatible with CoreResearch.

Self-use: Trained self-users can schedule time using the online CoreResearch calendar on all the analyzers and self-use cell sorters. All self-users are required to be formally trained by our staff before they can start using the instruments.

Assisted Cell Sorting: Users can schedule assisted cell-sorting requests directly through CoreResearch or by calling respective staff member who operates the cell sorter you like to schedule on. First time users who are requesting assisted cell sorting (or anytime there is a change in the Biosafety-level of the samples) are required to complete our online Biosafety and Cell Sorting Questionnaire
Also, we ask first time users to consult with us and discuss sample preparation, panel information, collection options, length of sort-time needed, downstream application, etc. before scheduling assisted cell sorting services. Please contact Javid Mohammed with any cell sorting queries and for initial cell sorting consultation.

Assisted Acquisition/Analysis: Assisted analysis services can be scheduled by contacting Javid Mohammed. To ensure instrument and staff availability, we strongly recommend users to schedule assisted appointments well in advance.

Training for Independent use: Please contact Javid Mohammed for scheduling analyzer trainings, and Yingqiu Guo (for Sony SH800 and MA900 cell sorter training).

Quick Links & Info

Access CoreResearch for Scheduling
Submit Biosafety & Cell Sorting Questionnaire
Read/Sign our Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP)

Our Address:
Edwin Jones Bldg. Room#306
207 Research Dr, Durham, NC 27710

Resource Location:
Astrios Cell Sorters: 336 Jones
Diva Cell Sorter: 307 Jones
Sony SH800: 369 Jones
Sony MA900: 301 Jones
Cytek Aurora: 369 Jones
LSR Fortessa: 369 Jones
FACSCantoA: 343 Jones
FACSCantoB: 343 Jones
Analysis Workstation: 307 Jones
Main Office: 306 Jones

Contact Us:
Office (Javid): 919-613-7818
Astrios Sorter (Lynn): 919-613-7821
Astrios Sorter (Kayla): 919-613-7836
Diva Sorter (Bin): 919-613-7820
Group email: