Category: Student-Sponsored Opportunities

These opportunities are offered by current students who are employed by a startup. If you have something to promote, please send it over!

Durham – TutorTies – Managing Director

Company Description:

TutorTies has developed a swipe-to-match iOS mobile application to match college tutors and students with subject, class, and even teacher commonalities. Profiles are built and our algorithm matches students and tutors based on their profile similarities. Upon matching, a chat room is prompted, sessions are scheduled and confirmed, and payment is initiated.

Job Position:

After seeing success at USC, TutorTies is looking for a student to take on a Managing Director role at Duke. The Managing Directors’ responsibility would be to grow TutorTies and fully operate it at Duke. TutorTies will provide everything in terms of the mobile application, data storage, etc. A Managing Director would ultimately be getting hands-on experience growing a company (without any of the costs/risks), gain experience forming and running their own team, and develop skills to add to resume. Additionally, Managing Directors will be compensated.

We are ideally looking for Sophomores, but encourage all students to apply.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information, feel free to email Kyle Adomian at or text him at (818)-916-6221.


Remote – Snatch – Marketing Director


Marketing Director Position

 eBay for your school.

Snatch is a marketplace app, where students can sell or buy their products–from notes, books, to furniture–with students from the same university. We have developed an app scheduled to launch in December and have established as an internationally incorporated company.

Now, we wish to start sharing our product with fellow college students and are excited to proceed with the marketing phase of our startup! We currently have a marketing team at UPENN and are actively recruiting for marketing directors at Duke. Please see the details below for the role and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

You will be

  • Driving the marketing portion during the launch of the app at Duke
  • Managing app’s social media accounts and developing a strong social media presence
  • Help conduct beta testing for the app next semester
  • Designing promotional material (experience in design is a plus!)

You’d be a great fit for this role if you

  • Are passionate about the problem we are trying to solve and excited to launch a startup
  • Have previous marketing experience or business mindset (optional)
  • Have social media knowledge and Duke student life knowledge

Please email me,  (Abby Huang), if you are interested and we can schedule a call to discuss more in detail!

Remote – MysteryMeals – Founding CTO

What is MysteryMeals?

MysteryMeals is a fun way to explore new dishes and restaurants in your area with the click of a button. We’re building an app. to eliminate the indecision in deciding on where to eat and the search costs involved in finding a new venue. In less than two weeks, we’ve amassed a waitlist of 100+ and $200+ in sales from beta users with a low-tech prototype and caught the eye of some sharks in the process.

Who are we looking for?

A founding CTO – someone to lead the product side of things, including but not limited to our user experience, product design, tech. stack, and backend development. To be compensated with a large equity stake.

What traits should you have for this role?

  • Passion about the problem
  • A great attitude – no “brilliant jerks”
  • A growth mentality – nobody knows everything, it is what you do when you don’t know something that matters more
  •  Radical transparency
  • Independent thinker – no “yes men”
  • Ownership over problems – we are the antithesis of a bureaucracy
  • Customer obsessed
  •  Team player – We>I, always
  • Long-term focus
  • Strategical thinker
  • Highly flexible – we will likely have to pivot more than once, so buckle up
  • Stellar communicator – you’ll need to sell the vision to future employees, stakeholders, and

Where should I reach out if interested in learning more?

Email me (Denna Huang) at , or text me at 919.360.3553

Durham, NC – Paperplane Financial – Software Engineering Intern

Paperplane Financial, Inc. – Software Engineering Intern

Paperplane Financial serves as a platform offering Income Share Agreements, a private sector loan alternative, to students in the effort to solve the student loan crisis with a simple and innovative approach. We are looking for talented and motivated Computer Science or Engineering students with programming skills for our engineering team. As a Software Engineering intern, you will be responsible for designing, building, testing, and deploying new products and services in a fast-paced, iterative development environment. Over the course of the Fall, we will be building out our website and integrating with cloud-based software. This represents a unique opportunity to help lead the digital strategy efforts of an innovative startup in the FinTech space.


Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Front end / web applications: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS development

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Backend implementation with AWS (Node.js).
  • Potential for additional responsibilities as the company evolves


Requirements & Qualifications

Required Qualifications

  • Located in Durham for the duration of the Fall
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Able to work at least 10 hours per week
  • Willing to learn new technologies as the company evolves

Strongly Preferred

  • Enrolled at Duke University for the duration of the Fall
  • Comfortable with in-person meetings during the Fall
  • Knowledge of backend JavaScript technologies (i.e. Node.js)
  • Knowledge of one of the following programming languages: C, Java, Python, Swift.


  • Prior experience with backend providers (AWS, GCP/Firebase, Azure)
  • Sense of humor; good interpersonal skills



  • This is an unpaid position, but you have the immediate opportunity to jump into an impactful role with a high ranking title
  • Opportunity to stay with the company past the Fall as a true employee if it’s a good fit


To apply, send a resume and few sentences about why you are interested to and

Remote – Real Estate Tech Startup – Website Developer

Website Developer (unpaid)

 About our venture

 This is a student-run venture founded by two students, one at Duke and one at Cornell. Our venture is a real estate matching service that provides landlords and tenants with the best fit possible by reversing the rental process. Think eHarmony for real estate.

Our mission is to increase transparency in the right places, showing off each tenant’s reliability while eliminating bias by removing demographical information from tenants’ profiles. Landlords find the best tenant possible, while tenants don’t have to spend hours searching for an apartment.

Job Description

 We are looking for a full stack developer, open to the idea of becoming our third and final co-founder. This should be a student who will be dedicated to the venture while also staying true to our mission and values.

We have proven demand through market research and developed a functional wireframe for the product. Our website developer will be tasked with building the front and back end of this platform as a minimum viable product (MVP) and eventually a fully functional website.

Job Requirements

·      Full stack development experience

·      Willing to learn about the real estate industry and our product’s implications

·      Willing to take part in entrepreneurship programs offered through Duke and Cornell

·      Some interest in business and entrepreneurship beyond just the technical aspect

·      Capable of developing products that are user-friendly and highly functional

Contact Us

If you are interested in this position, email Ryan at or Chase at

Remote – The Massapequa Tutor – Software Engineering Intern

Software Engineering Intern (Unpaid)

About The Massapequa Tutor

The Massapequa Tutor (TMT) is a K-12 peer tutoring company founded in 2016 based on Long Island, New York. Our mission is to exceed parents’ expectations of a tutoring session through the use of young, personable, and engaging tutors who not only help their student perform academically but also act as peers to inspire their student to achieve greatness. Our core values include Commitment to the customer, Attention to detail, Convenience, and Passion. We specialized in one-on-one subject tutoring and SAT/ACT group classes, as well as hold group classes for major exams.

Job Description

We’re currently undergoing a huge pivot to change the way peer tutoring occurs and our company operates, and we’re looking for engineering talent to help us craft an innovative solution. You will not only be building but helping shape our product strategy and contribute to our vision.

Job Requirements

  • Front-end development experience (any platform), full stack preferred
  • Willing to work in an agile environment
  • Be able to devote at least 10-15 hours per week on this role
  • Be able to think strategically, analytically, and creatively
  • Be a fervent learner; we do not expect you to know everything for this role, but we expect your to know what to do when you do not know something
  • Be an immaculate communicator
  • Be incredibly organized
  • Passion about this position and our mission
  • Be able to prioritize well
  • Be able to take ownership over a problem
  • Be customer obsessed
  • Be radically transparent
  • Be humble

Application Process

There will be a first round interview with our CTO to assess technical skills and a second-round with our CEO to assess cultural fit. The deadline will be Friday June 12th. Apply here: Please direct any questions to



Remote – SourceIT – SWE Intern

Remote- SourceIT- Software Engineer Intern

SourceIT is a platform that connects demand for technical outsourcing with the supply of that in Eastern Europe. SourceIT is an early stage startup. We are looking for a software engineering intern to join our team.

Software Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the product manager in helping to understand the initial specifications of the client and its feasibility
  • Work with the software engineering team in Armenia to help find easy solutions to the client requirements
  • Do Quality Assurance Testing
  • Help design SourceIT website
  • Provide technical support to the team

An Ideal Candidate should be

  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated to work on an early stage startup
  • Have the ability to work independently
  • Take the initiative to propose new solutions
  • Entrepreneurial and interested in working in a high risk environment
  • Have great communication skills

Email Lucy Stepanyan at


Home from College

From Duke student Ginger del Real:

I am working as a Campus Lead for a startup called Home From College that I believe will greatly benefit my peers. HFC is a digital platform providing access to mentorships and enhanced learning during this time of isolation. The purpose of this platform is to provide students with engaging content through an interactive speaker series from business leaders, innovators and trendsetters across different industries. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, be placed in mentorship programs and have Zoom coffee chats with speakers of their choice. 

Reach out to Ginger ( with any questions.

Remote – Early-Stage Startup – Coder

Incoming Duke student seeking an experienced coder (CS major) who is interested in developing the MVP of a native iOS app. Wireframe, business plan, and validation of app’s potential have already been completed and are ready to be implemented. Remote work; time commitment is significant – (TBD based upon student’s analysis of work after reading RFP). Open to compensation arrangements. The app is an inventory-based software with data base and camera integration as key aspects. Software will require cloud data incorporation. Detailed RFP to be provided upon signing an NDA. Significant UX and visual design experience preferred.

If interested, please contact Dominic Matthew Scola and Brett Scola at or

Durham – BizBuzz – Social Media

BizBuzz Social Media Management, a student-run social media management company, is looking to expand its team as it acquires more clients. Our largest client is a baby product retailer with headquarters in New York City and high volumes of online sales. We are looking to hire a few Duke students to help manage their social media platforms, preferably students looking to dedicate themselves to a new, long-term venture. This would be a paid position, beginning as soon as possible and extending into the summer and next school year. Applicants should only be students not going abroad in the fall of 2019.
If interested, please email with your resume and a statement of interest by Thursday, 3/28. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!