Work as a technical project manager for Apollo Development, a technical development company.

You will lead a small team (usually of 2-5 software engineers, data scientists, and graphic designers) on various interesting medium length projects (usually 3-12 months). Previous projects include data modelling for a medium sized private jet company, web app/machine learning work for the department of defense, and a web/mobile application for an innovative beverage company. Fully remote. You’ll be kept on retainer and offered various projects. If you’re interested and find the terms (pay and hours) amenable you can start leading immediately.

You’ll be responsible for:

Coordinating/communicating with the client
Leading weekly meetings between your team and the client
Keeping your team on a timeline to meet the client’s expectations
Development product roadmap
Making technical decisions with the engineering team and relaying them to the client
Coordinating decisions between product design, engineering, and the client

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