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Fall 2021


October 15, Friday, 12-1 pm.
From PhD to Book: How Ethnography is an Important Step

October 19, Tuesday, 2-3 pm (offline event).
Ethnography for Human Rights: Research, Advocacy, and Justice in International Spaces

Spring 2021

In Fall 2020, the Ethnography Workshop convened to host a series of public events around a variety of topics in hopes of critically engaging the shared experience of living through the pandemic. In Spring 2021, while continuing to be socially distanced, we will work through a single topic: death. The decision to scale down our business as usual is made at the end of Fall 2020. Instead of doing more events, we want to value mutual support among the members of the Ethnography Workshop by attending less to performance but more to intimacy. And, to do this cultural work in times of uncertainty, we will stay with death as an overarching theme of this semester.

We plan to share among us our own works-in-progress, build archives/glossaries, and feelings/thoughts/comments for each other. We will also watch a film, read a novel, listen to a playlist together. This emphasis on cultivating internal culture is both intellectual and ethnographic. We hope that this change of strategy to endure the weight of the time allows for the fellows to explore their inquiries through more ethnographic modes of attention as in expressing, crafting, feeling, and archiving.

To value closed exchanges, however, does not necessarily mean that we are going to be invisible. We will continue to share parts of our dialogues and a list of references on this website. When we discuss widely publicized materials like music, films, and novels, we will open the sessions to the public. In such occasions, we will let you know through our listserv and this website. So please stay tuned!


April 9, Friday, 2-3:30 pm.
Ethnographic Sense: Composing the Contemporary
Moments from Ethnographic Sense: Composing the Contemporary

March 29, Monday, 1:30-3 pm.
Deathscapes; Ethnography of/beyond Senses
Moments from Deathscapes; Ethnography of/beyond Death

Internal Workshops

Moments from Death and Rebirth (Jieun Cho and Shreya Maini)

Moments from Death and Affect (Anne Allison and Jake Silver)

Moments from Death and Biopolitics (Sophia Goodfriend and Yanping Ni)

Moments from Death of Senses (Cody Black and Cade Bourne)



Fall 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all events are zoomed online for RSVPed participants. To join a listserv with latest information, please contact Laura Eastwood ( For proposals, comments, and ideas, please contact Jieun Cho (


September 7, Mon, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Whiplash: Anthropology in/of Disaster (Dr. Yarimar Boniila & Dr. Laurence Ralph)
Moments from Whiplash (with a full recording!)

October 1, Thu, 9-10 am.
October 5, Mon, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Syncopated Resonances: Ethnography in/of Fractured Times
Moments from Syncopated Resonances

November 9, Mon, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Surveillance Regimes: Capitalism/ Race/ Digitality
Moments from Surveillance Regimes: Capitalism/ Race/ Digitality

Graduate Colloquium

The Graduate Colloquium curates a generative intellectual space in which to discuss emerging themes in cultural anthropology around ethnography. Framing the colloquium is the Ethnography Workshop’s central provocation: an interest in ethnography as experimental as well as documentary. Each colloquia centers around the in-progress work of the Ethnography Workshop Fellows, and unfolds as a conversation in response to their work. For those interested in ethnographic scholarship, the colloquia provides a vibrant space to explore, discuss, and forward these conversations.

September 11, Fri 4:30-6 pm.
”Imprisoned and Post-Prison Lives,” Graduate Colloquium by Cody Black, Shreya Maini, and Prof. Leela Prasad

October 16, Fri 1-2:30 pm.
Affordances of Schizophonia (Graduate Colloquium by Cade Bourne and Yanping Ni)

November 20, Fri 4-5:30 pm.
Ethnography between Repression and Resilience (Graduate Colloquium by Sophia Goodfriend and Jake Silver)


Past events

Spring 2020

For more information on events, please contact Joe Hiller ( and Jamal Quick (




Fri. Feb 28 – Walking Seminar with Lab Co-Director Prof. Harris Solomon (2PM, Location TBD) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19


Tues. March 16 – Discussion of friendship and collaboration with informants in the field and beyond with Jason Woerner (6:30pm, Friedl 225) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Tues. March 24 – Matthew Sebastian Graduate Colloquium (6:30pm, Friedl 225) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Mon. March 30 – “Ethnographic Writing Slam and Celebration of 2019 Faculty Books,” co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30, Friedl 225) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19


Mon. April 6 – Josh Reno, Gökçe Günel, and Jerry Zee, “Connections in Crisis: Ethnography and Environmental Ruination,” (12PM, East Duke Pink Parlor) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Thurs. April 9 – Derya Mentes and Kelly Alexander Graduate Colloquium (6:30pm, Friedl 225) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Opening end of April – Joella Bitter and Kenneth Kauda, “Remixing the Storied City” (Rubenstein Arts Center) | POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19



Spring 2020


Mon. March 2 – Shalini Shankar, “Rethinking Immigration and Generation Z Futures: Competitive Childhood in the 21st Century,” co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)


Thurs. Feb. 13 – Sowj Kudva, “Conversations on Documentary: How Form Influences Function” Seminar (1:15-3PM, Friedl 225) –> Description of event here!

Mon. Feb. 17 – Angela Garcia, “The Confessional Community: Violence and Survival in Mexico City’s Anexos,” co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)

Fall 2019


Thurs. Dec. 5 – Graduate Colloquium (6-8pm, Friedl 225)


Sat. Nov. 2 – Pre-circulated paper workshop on “Intimate Economies of the Non-human” (9am-5pm, East Duke Parlors)

Mon. Nov. 4 – “Ethnography and the Job Market,” Lab and Lunch, (12-1:15pm, Friedl 225)

Mon. Nov. 4 – Alex Blanchette, “Porkopolis: American Animality, Standardized Life, and the Factory Farm,” co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)

Thurs. Nov. 14 – Graduate Colloquium (6-8pm, Friedl 225)


Fri.  Oct. 11 – “First We Must See: Line Drawing as Research Method” workshop with Andrew Causey (12-3pm, Friedl 225)

Mon. Oct. 14 – Steven Feld, “Hearing Heat: An Anthropocene Acoustemology,” talk co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)

Tues. Oct. 15 – “Voices of the Rainforest” screening with Steve Feld (6pm, Film Theatre at The Rubenstein Arts Center)

Thurs. Oct. 17 – “How to Write a Bestseller (or a Successful Trade Book): A Conversation with Tom Mayer from W.W. Norton.” a public anthropology writing panel (4:30-6:30pm, Smith Warehouse Bay 4)

Mon. Oct. 21 – Alex Chavez, “Sounds, Citizenship, and Aural Ecologies of Place,” talk co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)

Thurs. Oct. 24  – Graduate Colloquium (6-8pm, Friedl 225)


Mon. Sept. 9 – Megan Moodie “Writing as Craft: The Creative Labor of Ethnographic Practice,” talk co-sponsored with the Department of Cultural Anthropology (1:30-3pm, Friedl 225)

Mon. Sept. 9 – The Ethnography Workshop Launch event (6-7:30pm, Jameson Gallery)

Tues. Sept. 10 – Graduate student writing workshop with Megan Moodie (1-3pm, Friedl 216)

Thurs. Sept. 19 – Workshops with graduate students (12-2pm, Friedl 240) and faculty (email for availability) on grant writing with Jeff Mantz, Program Officer, Cultural Anthropology Program, National Science Foundation