Welcome to the Duke Band Section Pages! Above you’ll find tabs for each section. If you have any questions, you can email the section leaders from your respective section, listed below. Be sure to visit our website dukeband.org  to learn more about us and to request more information.

Section Name E-Mail (@duke.edu)
Drum Major Parker Frankiewicz parker.frankiewicz
Drum Major Brian Linder brian.linder
Drum Major Sam Dilley samantha.dilley
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Geo Janer geovanni.janer
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Maddie Fowler madeline.fowler
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Grace Dessert grace.dessert
Clarinet Section Leader Katherine Li qingqi.li
Clarinet Section Leader Hailey Batista hailey.batista
Saxophone Section Leader Jake Derry jacob.derry
Saxophone Section Leader Matt Majsak matthew.majsak
Saxophone Section Leader Thomas Murphy thomas.e.murphy
Trumpet Section Leader Carly Vandewark carly.vandewark
Trumpet Section Leader Nathaniel Maxwell nathaniel.maxwell
Trumpet Section Leader Mike Keohane michael.keohane
Mellophone Section Leader Lucas Lynn lucas.lynn
Mellophone Section Leader Jillian Grassia jillian.grassia
Trombone Section Leader Caleb Cooke caleb.cooke
Trombone Section Leader Nicole Bonna nicole.bonna
Baritone Section Leader Jay Patel jay.patel
Sousaphone Section Leader Alex Tedesco alexander.tedesco
Drumline Captain Charlie Keziah charles.keziah
Drumline Captain James Kim james.g.kim
Drumline Captain Jason McBane jason.mcbane