Here at the trumpet section, we’re better than everyone else. And we know it! As trumpets, we embody extremely important characteristics such as volume, infallibility, perfection, faultlessness, supremacy, and (of course) modesty. Our mastery of these traits as well as our section members’ unique talents worked in ~harmony~ to win us the Gross Cup for the 2017-2018 school year-the prestigious trophy held by the winners of each year’s Section Wars Challenges.

Should you choose to pick up a trumpet along with our fearless drum major Beau Blass, our dedicated vice president Sam Lester, or even our own director, Jeff Au, you will be welcomed into a tight-knit group that is committed to firing up the Cameron Crazies with confident, high-quality sound. Are you prepared for the pure glory that is the trumpet section of the Duke Band? Fear not, for we can always be found leading the band to victory.

As trumpets, the brassiest and classiest section in the band, we enjoy spending time partaking in the finer things in life, such as cheering on Grayson Allen (RIP) and the rest of the men’s and women’s basketball teams at games in Cameron and at tournaments near and far (recent destinations have included Greenville, SC; Brooklyn, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; and Omaha, NE) and participating in watch parties for The Office or Disney movies. We enhance our section camaraderie with group dinners, synchronized jumping while on defense at both men’s and women’s basketball games, and the glorious cacophony of sounds that is our favorite third down distraction at football games: Pick-A-Note (yes, it is exactly what you think it is). The trumpets are obviously the most phenomenal group of people in the band, and we think we’re pretty cool in life and stuff too. If you have any questions about the awesomeness that is the DUMB trumpet section, please don’t hesitate to contact one (or more) of our section leaders, Rebecca, Max, and Alex! We will be happy to talk with you and convince you that we are, in fact, a worthy group of musicians and friends to join!


Trumpets at the 2017 Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit, Michigan.


Trumpets punching the audience in the face with sound.

Semi-athletic trumpets at a band softball game and cookout.

Trumpets in our natural habitat at Wallace Wade Stadium.

Trumpets at the UNC game. Trumpets were present and played particularly loud and the team won. Correlation? There certainly seems to be one.

2016-2017 trumpets at the end-of-year band banquet.

Duke Carolina Game

2018-2019 Section Leaders:

Rebecca Hall:

Max Issokson:

Alex Linares:


2017-2018 Section Leaders:

Aurelio Falconi:

Sarah Hendrix:

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