Why the Clarinets are awesome: A Saga

The DUMB clarinet section is one of the most close knit sections in the band. Consistently having high section attendance, clarinet players seem to always be there. The clarinets have continuously grown over the past few years. You could even say that the clarinets are slowly taking over the band. Soon their numbers will expand enough that they will take control of the band, and all brass players will bow before them. They lie in waiting until their numbers are strong enough, waiting for the perfect moment to attack, like velociraptors zeroing in on their prey. Do not let the innocent exterior fool you, this clarinet section will one day rule the world.

On a regular day, you may find the DUMB clarinets posing for a photoshoot,playing some tunes in front of the chapel,

or even hanging out after a BOWL GAME!

Overall, the DUMB Clarinets are ~objectively~ the greatest and most talented group of musicians and friends one could ever hope for. If you are searching for inside jokes, section war domination, long lasting friendships, and a plethora of silly pictures, then this is the section for you.

We can’t wait for you to join us! For  more information please contact the 2018-2019 section leaders: Jonathan Avendano ( and Marisha Madhira (

More pictures of our clarinet adventures!

Dressed up for a Night at the Nasher

Pre-Game Huddle!

Demonstrating the many stages of the dance


A famous clarinet superstar who ended up on ESPN

Get you a section that can do both #bandcamp

Dominating during color wars

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