On the 2,196,496th day, God created the DUMB Mellophone section, and he saw that it was good. Then he went to a Duke Football Game, and saw that it was bad, and turned his back on those Devils. But alas! The glorious sound of the mellophone section rose through the air, and God heard that it was great. So he went back and saw them march, and he was struck with Au. He blessed the mellophones with two consecutive Gross Cups, the glory of which had never before been witnessed. Which really, was just a physical manifestation of what we already knew: the mellophone section is the best section in the band. I feel comfortable saying this because I lived it. The mellophone section is the family you need away from your family at home. We have the most wonderful people in our section that creates a dynamic of a special kind of love that is really beyond anything any other section could try to claim.

We have mellophones for all who want to try them at Duke. Of course, it is easiest if you come in with mellophone skills but, if you don’t, don’t let that get in the way of your dreams. Luckily for you dreamers, it is not required that you have ever played the mellophone before. We have members who have had great success switching to the mellophone for the first time at college. If you need help, you will get it. Not to mention the wonderful stipend.

Since you are reading this page, you are already one step closer to being a mellophone (aka self fulfillment and eternal glory). If you haven’t signed up for the band’s email list, do it now. If you haven’t joined the interest group on Facebook, do it now. If you have questions that you would like to email to your loving, helpful section leaders Jillian Grassia (jillian.grassia@duke.edu) and Lucas Lynn (lucas.lynn@duke.edu), do it now. 

Mellos vs Everything

mello xmas

Mellos vs Secret Santa

Mellos vs MUNCH! (Brunch at the Nasher Museum)

Mellos vs 2019 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament (Pictured L-R: Sophomore, Freshman, Senior, Junior = even underclassmen can travel!)

Mellos vs Devil Walk! Welcoming the football team into Wallace Wade Stadium. 

Mr. Mello Yello vs Band Camp (high in potassium)

Mellos vs the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana

Mellos serenading The Blue Devil

Mellos vs Clemson in Death Valley

Mellos vs O-week

Playing the mellophone promotes balance, harmony, and fortune.

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