DUMB Flutes and Piccolos pause before the pregame Devil Walk!

The DUMB flute/piccolo section is by far the most awesome section in the entire Duke Marching Band! Being the top of the score is great power that comes with great responsibility- and we handle that responsibility with skill, friendship, fun, cohesion, and tuning… lots and lots of tuning! We are a section that has more spirit than any other section- we have been known to be dancing the biggest and laughing the loudest, all while marching with poise and precision during football season, and cheering on our men’s and women’s basketball teams in the late fall and spring.

The flutes are a family. We have section bonding activities outside of rehearsals, including meals, study sessions, baking nights, movie nights, and (not so) Secret Santa! We truly love each other, and each member of the section brings a new sense of attitude, style, joy, and musical ability that helps us grow as a section. We would be delighted to add you to our section- after all, we are the best section!

Flutes showing off our dance moves at a football game!

Flutes having fun at an orientation event!

Flutes: top of the score, foundation of the band.

The flute family at DUMBsgiving, the band thanksgiving event, always classy

Halloween in the flute section is an art form to say the least

We can’t wait to have you join us! If you have any questions, feel free to email the flute/piccolo section leaders, Grace Dessert (grace.dessert@duke.edu), Geo Janer (geovanni.janer.carattini@duke.edu), and Maddie Fowler (madeline.fowler@duke.edu).





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