DUMB Flutes and Piccolos pause before taking the field at halftime!

The DUMB flute/piccolo section is by far the most awesome section in the entire Duke Marching Band! We might carry the only instruments small enough to fit in your pocket, but we have the loudest sound! Though no need to fear, we also have ear plugs for during sectionals to prevent the damage that ensues when we all play in an enclosed space. Flutes and piccolos have more spirit than any other section! If you see band members dancing to a stand tune, it’s probably a flute.

The flutes are a family. We have section bonding activities outside of rehearsals, including meals, study sessions, and baking nights. The flutes routinely compete for the Gross cup, awarded to the winner of the year-long section wars.


Flutes earning points for dressing during section wars

Flutes enjoying a section-meal at the Washington Duke Inn

Flutes are always a class act, but are even classier when we want to
Welcome DUMB Freshmen!!!

Welcome DUMB Freshmen!!!

We can’t wait to have you join us! If you have any questions, feel free to email the flute/piccolo section leaders, Reid Herrera (cameron.herrera@duke.edu) and Manda Hufstedler (manda.hufstedler@duke.edu)!!!





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