DUMB flutes rock! Especially when jumping in the air!

The DUMB flute/piccolo section is by far the most awesome section in the entire Duke Marching Band! We carry the only instruments small enough to fit in your pocket, we dance to all of the stands tunes, we have lots of section bonding time and we have undoubtedly the best section swag ever (you can spot us a mile away). No need to fear, ear plugs can be worn during sectionals to prevent the damage that ensues when multiple flutes and piccolos all play in an enclosed space!

We’re a diverse group of people. We’ve got chemistry majors, history majors, tree-huggers, a salsa dancer, an actress, people from Alaska, Wisconsin, Florida and everywhere in between, French speakers, Polish speakers and many other cool things. But we all have one thing in common: we love being DUMB flutes!

One of the best parts of being in the flute section is that we are always dancing in the stands! We love making up dance moves and naming them after ourselves.

We especially love to dance to drum cadences like Pumpkin!

We especially love to dance to drum cadences like Pumpkin!

Even when we’re not dancing, we are still having a blast at rehearsals or games.


Anny, Taylor, Erin, Manuela and Barbara meet Cincinnati’s mascot at the Belk Bowl!


A rainbow of flutes at DUMB rehearsal, dressed as colorful crayons for Halloween!


Flutes love being Cameron Crazies in the front row – best seats in the house!

We also love to have quality section bonding time outside of band. There’s nothing quite like the flute family!


Kelly and Kate grab a picture with basketball player Mason Plumlee at a soccer game!


The flutes get classy at WaDuke brunch!

Plus, you KNOW you want one of these sweet hats.




Welcome DUMB Freshmen!!!

Welcome DUMB Freshmen!!!

We can’t wait to have you join us! If you have any questions, feel free to email the flute/piccolo section leaders, Colleen Mumford (colleen.mumford@duke.edu) and Kara Post (kara.post@duke.edu))!!!





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