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Welcome to the Duke Band Section Pages! Above you’ll find tabs for each section. If you have any questions, you can email the section leaders from your respective section, listed below. Be sure to visit our website  to learn more about us and to request more information.

Section Name E-Mail (
Drum Major Janet Jiang janet.jiang
Drum Major Katie McKenzie katherine.mckenzie
Drum Major Jordan Reaves Jordan.reaves
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Clara Henne clara.henne
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Mie Kusupholnand thanaporn.kusupholnand
Flute/Piccolo Section Leader Rachel Washart rachel.washart
Clarinet Section Leader Shari Tian shari.tian
Clarinet Section Leader Hailey Batista hailey.batista
Saxophone Section Leader Danny Badia daniel.badia
Saxophone Section Leader Bill Guo william.guo
Saxophone Section Leader Bowie Shreiber bowie.shreiber
Trumpet Section Leader Drew Fate-Bolognone andrew.fatebolognone
Trumpet Section Leader Mike Keohane michael.keohane
Trumpet Section Leader Nathaniel Maxwell nathaniel.maxwell
Mellophone Section Leader Ben Platz benjamin.platz
Trombone Section Leader Peter Germ peter.germ
Trombone Section Leader Carter Jackson carter.jackson
Baritone Section Leader Ethan Gay
Baritone Section Leader Luke Lorentzatos luke.lorentzatos
Sousaphone Section Leader Shane Simkin shane.simkin
Percussion Section Leader Andy Demma andrew.demma
Percussion Section Leader Jason McBane jason.mcbane
Percussion Section Leader Morgan Opela morgan.opela