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 New to the Library? Just Curious?

You may have just started working in one of the Duke libraries.  You may have recently joined the Libraries Assembly (LA).  Or you may be a curious veteran staff member.  Welcome!

These resources, brought to you by the LA Membership Committee and LA members, offer a starting place for all your questions about Duke University libraries, campus, and Triangle community.

Want to know more about Duke University Libraries Assembly?  Learn more here!

Who You Gonna Call?

Who to go to when you need assistance with workplace questions

About Duke University

Facts and history about our university

FAQ: All About Duke University Libraries

Get the answers to (almost) all of your questions

ABCXYZ: A DUL (Duke University Libraries) Acronyms List

What the heck does that stand for?

CAP (Continuing Appointment) Explained

Learn all about the CAP process

Welcome to the Triangle, Y’all!

Jumping-off places for just about everything you want to know about Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and places in between (and how to pronounce them).  Enjoy!