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ABCXYZ: A DUL (Duke University Libraries) Acronyms List

What did they just say?!?

Here are some acronyms you may hear most often in and around the libraries.  Most refer to library departments, campus services and offices, and professional associations.  For definitions and other details, try the Duke Libraries staff directory or google the names.

  • ADS: Access and Delivery Services
  • ALA: American Library Association
  • ATIS: Academic Technology and Instructional Services
  • AUX: Assessment and User Experience
  • CAP: Continuing Appointment and Promotion
  • CSD: Collection Strategy and Development
  • DGS: Duke Graduate School
  • DCCS: Digital Collections & Curation Services
  • DDR: Duke Digital Repository
  • DSS: Digital Scholarship Services
  • DUL: Duke University Libraries
  • EG: Executive Group (Duke Libraries)
  • EOHW: Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (Duke)
  • ERM: Electronic Resource Management
  • FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act
  • IAS: International and Area Studies
  • ITS: (Library) Information Technology Services
  • LA: Libraries Assembly
  • LHR: Library Human Resources
  • LSC: Library Service Center
  • LSIS: Library System & Integration Support
  • MCL: Medical Center Library
  • OAR: Open Access Repository
  • OCSC: Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communication
  • OESO: Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (Duke)
  • OIT: Office of Information Technology (Duke)
  • OLE: Open Library Environment
  • PEP: Performance Evaluation Process
  • RIS: Research and Instructional Services
  • RL: Rubenstein Library