The Libraries Assembly (LA) is an organization for staff across all the libraries at Duke University.  It offers connections and partnerships with co-workers, information about Duke and its libraries, advocacy for all library staff, and ongoing professional development opportunities such as speakers, panels, and workshops.

It is the mission of the Libraries Assembly to:

  • Promote excellence in library and information professions and participation in these professions at large
  • Advocate for and promote the interests of library staff within the libraries and in university affairs
  • Foster a collegial environment among the staff of the various libraries
  • Make recommendations to the administrations of the libraries concerning matters of interest to the membership
  • Welcome and mentor new members

Membership within the Libraries Assembly is open to all interested library employees, including staff in the professional library schools (Divinity, Ford Business, Goodson Law, Medical Center), part-time staff, and term appointment employees. Membership is also open to any staff, including interns, who are enrolled in an advanced MLS or MLIS degree program, or in a graduate program in a related field such as archives or public history.

Staff in a “Professional Librarian” position in any Duke library as defined by the Provost’s Office are automatically added to the roster by the Membership Committee at time of hire; other staff may join at any time by completing the signup form below.

Members are also added to the LA listserv, a low-traffic communication tool hosted by the Duke Sympa platform.

Join the Libraries Assembly!  Please complete this short form!  It will ask for your department affiliation, hire date, job title, and Continuing Appointment status (for DUL staff only). There are no fees or dues.

Get Involved!  To join committees or other groups in the Libraries Assembly, here is a link to opportunities!

Talk to Us!  Use this link for general feedback. We’d love to hear from you, our colleagues!

Learn More!  This website is a great place to start.  Official Libraries Assembly documentation is currently available in Duke BOX only to Libraries Assembly leadership.  Please contact any LA Executive Committee member with questions or requests for information, or use this handy form.

Libraries Assembly Bylaws, linked to this site, are another good way to get to know the organization.