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Current Leadership

Duke University Libraries Assembly Committees, Task Forces, and Observers: 2021-2022            

To learn more about joining the Libraries Assembly committees and other groups, visit the “Ways to get involved” page on the LA website.

Executive Committee

President: Laura Williams (Duke University Libraries), 2022-2023

Vice President-President elect (Duke University Libraries) Rachel Ingold 2022-2024

Past President: Laura Micham (Duke University Libraries) 2022-2023

Secretary: Ira King (Duke University Libraries) 2022-2024

Membership Chair: Candice Brown (Duke University Libraries) 2022-2024

Member-at-Large, Duke University Libraries: Jianying Shou, 2022-2024

Member-at-Large, Medical Center Library:  Leila Ledbetter, 2021-2023

Member-at-Large, Law School Library: Mike McArthur, 2021-2023 

Bylaws Chairperson (ex officio): Laura Scott (Law Library), 2021-2023

PAC Chairperson (ex officio): Roshan Panjwani (Duke University Libraries) 2022-2024

CAP Co-Chairpersons (ex officio): Kate Collins (DUL) 2022-2023 and [Matthew] Farrell (DUL) 2022-2023

Standing committees

Professional Affairs Committee 

Roshan Panjwani (Duke University Libraries) – 2022-2024, chair

McKenna Lakin (TRLN) – 2021-2023 

Wickliffe (Wick) Shreve (Law Library)- 2022-2024

Brandi Tuttle (Medical Center Library) – 2022-2024

Adam Hudnut-Beumler (Duke University Libraries) 2022-2024


Bylaws Committee 

Laura Scott (Law Library) – 2021-2023, chair

Giao Luong Baker (DUL) – 2021-2023

Sarah Cantrell (Duke Medical Center Library) – 2022-2024


Committee on Appointment and Promotion 

Kate Collins, Associate Librarian – 2022-2023, co-chair

[Matthew] Farrell, Associate Librarian, 2022-2023, co-chair

Erin Hammeke, Librarian, 2021-2023

Nanako Thomas, Librarian, 2022-2024

Haley Walton, Senior Assistant Librarian, 2022-2024


Membership Committee

Candice Brown (DUL) 2022-2023, chair

Matthew Hayes (DUL), Spring, 2022-2023

Johnny Shanahan (DUL) – 2022-2024


Special committee

Peer Mentoring Committee 

Henry Hebert (DUL), Chair

Giao Luong Baker (DUL)

Valerie Gillispie (DUL)

Arianne Hartsell-Gundy (DUL)

Ciara Healy (DUL)

Sigrid K. Kjaer (Divinity School Library)


Representatives and Observers (one year appointment)

Library Council – Laura Williams (DUL)

Arts and Sciences Council – Matthew Hayes (DUL)

Academic Council – Jennifer L. Behrens (Law School Library)

Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty – Cheryl Thomas (DUL); back-up: Meghan Lyon (DUL)