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Vol. XXIV, Spring 2012

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke undergraduates. Additional pieces will appear after their authors revise them.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal


Martin Bronfenbrenner and Japan’s Post-WWII Economic Recovery by Nitish Basandra and Shreyas Srinivas

Job Choices, Flexibility and Maternal Labor Force Participation by Samantha Cox

Volatility and Correlation Modeling for Sector Allocation in International Equity Markets by Melanie Fan and Kate Yuan

Relative Contribution of Common Jumps in Realized Correlation by Kyu Won Choi

The Effects of Digital Media on Advertising Markets by Bradford Lightcap and William Peek

Effects of Medicaid Coverage of Preventative and Diagnostic Care on Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations by Zachary Kazzaz

Optimal Ordering in Sequential English Auctions by Amaan Mitha

Effects of Wages of Government Officials on Corruption in Developing Countries by Vansh Muttreja

The Effects of Prevention and Treatment Interventions in a Microeconomic Model of HIV Transmission by Allison Stashko

Empirical Evidence of Airline Merger Waves Based on A Selective Entry Model by Peichun Wang

Simultaneous Occurrence of Price Jumps and Changes in Diffusive Price Volatility by Shuting Wei

Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Healthcare Delivery and Reimbursement Policies for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries: A Cost-
Efficiency Analysis of Managed Care by Kan Zhang

The Impact of Spectrum Quality on Wireless Telecom Competition by Stephen Zhu

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