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Vol. XXV, Spring 2013

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke Graduate and Undergraduate students.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal

Undergraduate Articles

Research Expenditures in Higher Education Institutions and University Technology Transfer Licensing by Trent Tsun-Kang Chiang

Manufactured Housing Securitization by Renan Cunha

Fiscal Multicointegration and Sustainability in OECD Economies by
 Rajlakshmi De

Foreign Aid Allocation and Impact: A Sub-National Analysis of Malawi by Rajlakshmi De

Is the Blind Side Tackle Worth It?: An Analysis of the Salary Allocation of the NFL Offensive Line by Kelly Ann Froelich

Geo-Spatial Modeling of Online Ad Distributions by Mitchel Drake Gorecki

The Impact of Population Mobility on Repayment Rates in Microfinance Institutions by Johan Hörnell and Allison Vernerey

Profits and Poverty: The Impact of Profit Status on the Microfinance Industry by Kevin Hogan

Price Discrimination and Bargaining Power in the Global Vaccine Market by Linda Li

Enhanced versus Traditional Indexation for International Mutual Funds:
 Evaluating DFA, WisdomTree and RAFI PowerShares
 by Heehyun Lim

Government Allocation of Import Quota Slots to US Films in China’s Cinematic Movie Market by Sabrina McCutchan

Race and Pollution Correlation as Predictor of Enviornmental Justice by Marissa B. Meir

Incentives and Characteristics that Explain Generic Prescribing Practices by Rahul K Nayak

Debunking the Cost-Shifting Myth: an Analysis of Dynamic Price Discrimination in California Hospitals by Omar M. Nazzal

Variance Risk Premium Dynamics: The Impact of Asset Price Jumps on Variance Risk Premia by Jackson R. Pfeiffer

Tax Evasion and Tax Morale in Latin America by Sofía Becerra Taschetti

Trauma Center Efficacy: Certification Status and its Effect on Traffic Fatalities at Varying Radii by Robert Van Dusen

Graduate Articles

The Dictator’s Dilemma: The Role of Social Media in Revolutions by William B. Snyderwine

Finding the Optimal Tax with Pollution Haven Effects by Alecia Waite

The Role of Subjective Rice Price Expectations in Labor Input Decisions: Evidence from Madagascar by Laura Paul

Efficiency and Herd Behavior in a Signalling Market by Jeffrey Gao

Prospect Theory and Marriage Decisions by Anastasia Bogdanova

Twin Deficits Revisited by Jeremy Spater

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