1Tu 8/24Introductions
Th 8/26Cause and Effect
2Su 8/29Python, Tables, Expressions, & StringsLab 01
Homework 02
Tu 8/31Group Worksheet 02
Th 9/2
F 9/3Lab 02
3Su 9/5Census, Charts, & FunctionsHomework 03
Tu 9/7Group Worksheet 03Project 1 Released
Form Groups
Th 9/9Group Contract Due
F 9/10Lab 03
-Tu 9/14Mock Exam 1
Th 9/16Exam 1
4Su 9/18Groups, Pivots, and JoinsHomework 04
Tu 9/21Group Worksheet 04
Th 9/23
F 9/24Lab 04Project 1 Due
5Su 9/26Iteration and ProbabilityHomework 05
Tu 9/28Group Worksheet 05
Th 9/30
F 10/01Lab 05Group Reflection Due
6Su 10/03Sampling, Simulation, Hypothesis Testing, Comparing Distributions, Decisions and Uncertainty, and A/B TestingFall break
Tu 10/05Homework 06
Th 10/07Group Worksheet 06
F 10/08Group Plan 2 Due
Tu 10/12
Th 10/14
F 10/15Lab 06
7Su 10/17Causality, Confidence Intervals, Interpreting Confidence, and Center & SpreadHomework 07
Tu 10/19Group Worksheet 07
Th 10/21
F 10/22Lab 07
8Su 10/24Normal Curve, Correlation, Regression, and Least SquaresHomework 08
Tu 10/26Group Worksheet 08
Th 10/28
F 10/29Project 2 due
Tu 11/2Lab 08
Th 11/4Exam 2
F 11/5Group Reflection 2 Due
9Su 11/7Residuals and Regression InferenceHomework 09
Tu 11/9Group Worksheet 09Group formation form
Th 11/11Groups chosen/assigned
F 11/12Lab 09
10Su 11/14Classification and ClassifiersHomework 10Final Project Proposal
Tu 11/16Group Worksheet 10
Th 11/18
F 11/19Lab 10
Su 11/21
Tu 11/23Final Project Prototype feedback meeting (over zoom)
Th 11/25Thanksgiving Break
11Su 11/28"Remove the training wheels"Homework 11
Tu 11/30
Th 12/2Exam 3
F 12/3Lab 11
Su 12/12No FinalFinal Project Report
Final Project Video
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