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Course Description

Given data arising from some real-world phenomenon, how does one turn that data into information and that information into action? Students in this class will learn critical concepts and skills in computer programming and statistical inference in the process of conducting analysis of real-world datasets. Students will write computer programs for projects using the Python programming language. We will also discuss how data can be used responsibly to benefit society.

This class is for you if you are interested in gaining skills to use computers to analyze data, want to understand how data is analyzed, develop opinions on the analysis, and evaluate the goodness of arguments made by others.

This is a flipped classroom and focuses on group work. A flipped classroom is where students will review material outside the classroom and participate in learning activities. The videos watched outside of the classroom will be mainly from the course sequence Data8. Group work is an opportunity for you to work through the material in this class with your peers and learn from each other. You will not be working alone in a vacuum. These two primary practices are used because there is research showing that collaboration in groups helps with learning. To support the group work this class will also discuss how to effectively work in groups.