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Group Plan 2

It’s time for round 2 of groups!

Some notes from the group reflection:

  • 77% found the group contracts useful or maybe useful.
  • 85% said they would want to do it again or maybe do it again.
  • 44% didn’t think the group contracts needed to change
  • Common themes for change included:
    • Remove/change the roles section
    • Add a section for what happens if something happens so someone cannot contribute as originally planned
    • More flexibility in what goes in the contract
    • Have a better plan on what, when, and how the group will work together.

Therefore, I’m going to require a group plan but not provide a template. There is still the group contract template in the prior post if your group wants to use it as a starting point. It’s a plan rather than a contract. This change of framing is to refocus how you all will use the document.

The following needs to be in your plan:

  1. Names of all team members
  2. Optional: Team name
    1. For inspiration, There are many team name generators on the internet.
  3. How you will communicate
  4. When you will work together
  5. Where you will work together (including a potential meeting outside of class)
  6. How you will work together
  7. Proposal for what to do if something happens to a team member and they cannot finish their planned work.
    1. Contacting Prof. Stephens-Martinez can be part of this proposal

Group Reflection 01

With Project 1 almost over, it is time to reflect on how working in your group went. You will find the reflection form on Gradescope starting on 9/28 (the day after the project is due) and it is due Friday 10/01, 11:59 pm, with a late submission accepted until 10/03, 11:59 pm.

The purpose of the reflection is to help you, your future group, and Prof. Stephens-Martinez to better understand how to make groups better and whether the group contract was a worthwhile exercise.